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At Medical Dent we do not believe in
“specialists in everything”

At Medical Dent we do not believe in
“specialists in everything”

We do believe that each tooth is a complex organism and its different issues require different specialists. So, here, every doctor is highly specialized in the treatment, which he/she performs and that allows for the achievement of a high level of professionalism in their field. Having different specialists under one roof provides you with the convenience of getting advice on your particular problem and saves you a lot of time.

Primary examination and
personalized treatment plan

Primary examination and
personalized treatment plan

Primary examination

Any "Medical Dent" patient undergoes a detailed initial examination. We get acquainted with the patient’s status and, if necessary, appoint additional tests. The availability of a team of specialists in different dentistry fields allows for medical consultation and for making the decision that is most suitable for you! Preparation of personalized treatment plan

Preparation of personalized treatment plan

Every patient is provided with a treatment plan based on their needs. That ensures your awareness of the proposed treatment and of the results you can expect, right from the beginning. The personalized plan and price offer provide you with the ability to financially plan your treatment in the best way possible!

Preliminary design

A preliminary design is created for each patient, which allows for high precision in carrying out the treatment. In case implants treatment is needed a surgical guide is made, which enables accurate placement of implants and their faster loading. If you want to have corrections made to your smile, we also perform Smile Design, which allows us to choose the most appropriate size and shape of the facets to match your facial features.


High professional standard


In order to be able to guarantee a high treatment standard, we have at our disposal the most cutting-edge technology in the field of dentistry. Thanks to the Seges clinical system, we can make you a porcelain crown in one visit.

High standart
High medical standard

We at Medical Dent have standards for performing all medical procedures that ensure a high level of safety and quality of treatment. That allows us to offer 10 years unconditional guarantee on everything we do, and 50 year warranty on the implants.

Hygiene and sterilization

We are vigilant when it comes to instruments sterilization. So, we have a sterilization equipment that meets the highest up-to-date requirements. We maintain a specially trained team that is responsible for the proper execution of the process.

We at Medical Dent believe that quality must be proven, so we provide 50-year guaranteeon the implants and 10-year unconditional guarantee on everything else!

We provide service
at the highest level

We provide service
at the highest level

Personalized timetable

We prepare your visits schedule in accordance to your personal free time.

Reminder via SMS and e-mail

On the day of the scheduled visit we will remind you with an SMS about the upcoming appointment. And, by email, we take it upon ourselves to remind you about your annual check-ups so that we can preserve the result achieved by the treatment.

Car care
Car care

We will take care of your car in the paid parking zone by sending an SMS to the parking authorities to purchase parking time, so that nothing will disturb your comfort during treatment.

Caring beyond dentistry

Caring beyond dentistry

Training and motivation

We have developed specialized training for children and adults on how to maintain proper dental hygiene.

No smoking
Quit smoking

We at Medical Dent have a practice of working closely with centers for quitting smoking. Ask our front-office staff for more information.

Dental care
Fear of dental treatment

For all our patients, young and old, who have great fear of dental treatment, we can offer a system to overcome the fear, part of which is treatment under general anesthesia.

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