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50-year guarantee on dental implants

50-year guarantee on dental implants

Medical Dent quality guarantee

Any treatment at Medical Dent is based on our belief that we need to be well aware of the tissues biology in order to be able to guarantee the result that matches your needs.

What we count on:

  • Very careful planning for each case, including a project-making so that you can see the result of your treatment before we begin, and a surgical guide that allows us to place the implant as well as possible within the bone.
  • Scheduling the time for implant placement in accordance with your capabilities and individual needs.
  • Extensive surgical experience to guarantee proper technical implementation of any manipulation.
  • Multiple trainings with world leading specialists, allowing us to offer all innovations in implantology.
  • Reconstruction of missing bone-gum tissues, which is important for the natural look of your teeth.
  • The combination of extensive clinical experience and the fact that we keep up with all innovations in implantology allows us to offer our patients a 50-year guarantee for dental implants treatment.
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