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Questions and answers about implantology

Questions and answers about implantology

Are there any limitations for tooth implants?

No. Every person at every age could undergo implants placement, as far as he/she has sufficient jaw bone quantity and quality.
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Is this surgical intervention painful?

No. Effective local anesthetic is applied in order to avoid any discomfort during the implants placement. You could feel slight discomfort after surgery and it is easily controlled with painkilling medications. Clinic offers the opportunity for general anesthesia helping patients not to feel and remember anything about the surgical intervention.
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How long does the whole process of tooth restoration with implant take?

The whole process takes about 3 to 9 months according to your treatment plan.
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Can I get back to work after implants placement?

Yes. In most cases patients get back to work the next day. Your implantologist will discuss with you all post-surgical instructions.
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How am I to pay the correct cares after my implant?

Cleaning at home with toothbrush and tooth thread, gurgling with mouthwash and regular visiting your dentist are necessary for the long-term success of implants treatment.

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