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Детска стоматология

Pediatric Dentistry

We take care for the treatment and training of our youngest patients

Oral hygiene and prevention starts from early childhood and is of great importance for the oral health of children as they grow older. That’s why, at Medical Dent, we have equipped a children's room where your children can get a personalized dental care program and treatment of problematic areas without any pain or fear. Additionally, here we can teach them proper hygiene and brushing techniques that will guarantee cleaner and healthier teeth.

For adolescents Medical Dent Clinic offers the most advanced system for preventing caries on the chewing teeth – sealants placement.

For our youngest patients who have indications in their general health (for example children with multiple sclerosis), we offer general anesthesia treatment by an experience anesthesiologist. Children who have strong fear of dental treatment can also benefit from anesthetic treatment.

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