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Root canals treatment

Modern root canal treatment is based on proper cleaning, disinfection and filling of the root canals. To achieve this goal, we at Medical Dent use the latest materials and techniques – starting from the isolation of the tooth with coffer dam, going through the precision processing of even the most complicated root canals under a microscope, and finishing with root canal filling using the most modern equipment and materials. The precision in root canal treatment is a guarantee for the health and survival of the tooth. Very often patients need re-treatment of already treated root canals. This is usually hampered by broken canal instruments or complicated tooth anatomy. Any success in these cases, would not be possible without the use of a dental microscope. Thanks to that microscope, we can easily remove any broken canal instruments or other obstructions in the root canals. The X-ray image, which we will make on the spot, immediately after the completion of the treatment, is a guarantee for the quality service.

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