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10 Years Unconditional Quality Guarantee

Why Bulgaria,
Why Medical Dent?

Save money
Up to 60% savings - all travel expenses reimbursed

10 years garantee
Highest level of expertise, latest technology, 10 years unconditional quality garantee

Great holiday
Have your great holiday in Bulgaria, while your dream smile come true

Aftercare in your country

Thank you for your trust
in advance

Understanding and trust , hygiene and ethics , optimal solutions in teamwork at one site are the building blocks for your smile at the end of treatment . Thank you for your trust in advance ! We are glad to be here for you. Qualified and committed.

Reach us in 3 easy steps

Step 1
Step 1

Contact us

We will gladly take all of your questions in the short term to complete. In addition we offer to take advantage of the benefits of e-mail communications. Appointment confirmations, technical and organizational questions, sending of documents and updated information, we will send to you on request via email.

Step 2
Step 2

Your individual and optimal treatment concept

After you told your problem or your wishes have received by e-mail to your individual treatment and cost plan incl.

To be able to offer an optimal and precise treatment concept outpatient forget enclosed please do us a recent panoramic image (orthopantomography) or new documents requested. Just compare the HKP started by your dentist or estimate our Angebot.Unser treatment and cost plan corresponds to the EU regulations and directives and also offers you the appropriate scheduling, warranty, payment discounts and bonus program.

Step 3
Step 3

Your trip and your stay in Sofia

Our partner Lufthansa City Center travel agency offers the best conditions for your pleasant flight to Sofia and your pleasant stay in Park Inn by Radisson, Kempinski Hotel Zografski or Hilton which are 5 to 10 minutes or foot track of Medical Dent.

Your contact person will be in the course of your choice, booking, check in / out are happy to advise and assist.

Welcome to Medical Dent
and thank you for your confidence

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Medical Dent

Medical Dent

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