Broken tooth in an accident

If you have sought information about a tooth broken in an accident, then it is likely that the case requires a quick response. That’s why we’re in a hurry to give you practical first aid tips, and then we’ll explain the possible solutions. It is just important to know and remember that there are solutions in almost all cases.


Collect the missing pieces!

Try to find the broken tooth or the broken pieces of it.


Put them in a container of solution!

The tooth or pieces of it should be placed in a clean container of saline, milk or plain water.


Wash with clean water!

Wash the tooth with cool water. Do not use soap and do not touch the root of the tooth. The chances of long-term preservation of a knocked-out tooth after washing under water increase by 30%.


Go to a specialist!

See a dentist as soon as possible to preserve the possibility of autotransplanting the knocked-out tooth and putting it back in place.

One of these methods is autotransplantation

A knocked-out tooth can be returned to its position by means of the so-called. autotransplant. This is a very old technology, but with today’s advances in research and methods, it has an extremely high success rate of over 95%. The tooth is placed back in the socket, splinted and after a certain recovery period we can boast of success.
For this purpose, however, instant reaction is crucial. The more time passes, the more the chances of a successful autotransplant decrease.

But even if this is the case, or if the fracture is too serious, autografting offers another possible solution. Here we take a healthy tooth that has a less important role (most often a wisdom tooth) and move it to the place of the lost one.
This procedure is a bit more complicated, but it is extremely effective – especially when we have a broken front tooth. The prognosis is more than optimistic because autotransplantation has an 80% success rate in adults and between 95 and 100% in children.

And children are the most vulnerable

Because they do not have a sufficiently developed reflex to protect themselves, children are also the most vulnerable to trauma that leads to broken or lost teeth. In adults, the solution is to place an implant. However, it does not work for children, as implantology requires the patient to have reached the age of majority – the jaw is not fully developed before then.
This is why autotransplantation is an indispensable solution for the little ones. An added plus is that the young patient feels no pain during the procedure, as it is performed under local anesthesia. However, it is important to clarify that broken deciduous teeth are not reimplanted because this poses a risk of affecting the germ of the permanent teeth.

It is very important for parents to know that the rapid recovery of the tooth in a child is key, as its absence for an extended period of time can lead to a lag in the development of the jaw, which grows vertically.
Of course, autotransplantation intervenes only in cases of a lost or severely destroyed tooth that cannot be saved. If it is a milder case of partial fracture or chipping, modern dentistry offers many reliable and sustainable methods of building it up using photopolymer.

How to proceed with a impacted (intruded) tooth?

This is another common impact or accident injury, and possible treatments depend on the extent of the damage and the age of the patient.

If it is a baby tooth with incomplete root canal treatment, we can expect it to spontaneously erupt up to 7 mm. When root development is complete, we resort to surgically extracting the tooth and returning it to its original position, then splinting it for 2 weeks – somewhat the same principle we use for autografting.

Why seek treatment for a broken tooth at Medical Dent

At Medical Dent Dental Clinic, we have extensive experience treating broken teeth – both with children and adults. We employ specialists who are among the pioneers in performing many successful autotransplants and with thousands of saved teeth behind them.
The restoration of lost teeth is in fact the trademark of Medical Dent – the first implant clinic in Bulgaria.
The quick response of our team, combined with the latest generation professional equipment and high quality materials we work with, make Medical Dent the first and logical choice when you are looking for help for the proper and long-term treatment of a broken or lost tooth.

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