Get back the smile that you lost with "Teeth in a day"

What is the concept of
"Teeth in a day"?

This is an alternative solution to dentures that outperforms them in every way – durability, aesthetics and comfort. It is designed entirely for patients who have lost all their teeth. We restore them by placing four to six dental implants on which an aesthetically pleasing and precisely crafted bridge is fixed.

The concept was developed in 1984 and has increasingly replaced dentures in the preferences of both patients and dentists. The main reason for this is the comfort it creates. A smile restored with TeethXpress behaves, feels and looks just like a natural smile.

Why "TeethXpress" and not dentures?

We have countless reasons to offer you smile restoration through the TeethXpress procedure with absolute certainty. Here are just the most important ones:

  • Feel the comfort of having all your teeth in your mouth again
  • Implants are significantly easier to clean and maintain than dentures. 
  • You don’t have to limit your favourite foods and drinks
  • Stability. Nothing in your mouth moves, falls and shifts
  • Diction difficulties that dentures often cause are eliminated
  • You smile broadly and calmly
  • You look great!

Fast, effective, aesthetic and healthy

“Teeth in a day” is a procedure with many pros and virtually no cons. In the following lines, we answer the most important questions we often receive from our patients:

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is completely painless as the patient is under local anaesthesia when the implants are placed. In the recovery process after surgery, it is possible that mild discomfort may occur, which is short-lived and completely manageable with analgesic drugs from the analgesic group.

What dental implants do you use?

At Medical Dent, we work with the highest grade screw dental implants that have a lifetime warranty. Our long experience in implantology has convinced us that the concept of this type of implants is much more sustainable, reliable and precise than that of basal implants.

Do I need to have bone augmentation?

Sometimes this is necessary in patients with aggressive and very advanced periodontitis. But not necessarily. The procedure allows the use of thin implants of up to 3 mm, which do not require bone augmentation.

Can my implant fall out?

Worldwide, implant loss is an event that may occur in only about 2% of cases. Most often they are due to insufficient precision work and lack of experience on the part of the surgeon. That’s why it’s important to make an informed choice about where your implants are placed. Dental Clinic Medical Dent is the first specialized dental implant clinic in Bulgaria, and our statistics report over 20 000 successfully placed implants. We justify patients’ trust every day.

Do I need special care after the procedure?

No. A smile restored with TeethXpress is cleaned just like a natural smile. The advantage is that the extremely precise connection between the implant and the prosthesis does not allow any bacterial penetration and subsequent infections.

Is "Teeth in a Day" an expensive procedure?

The cost depends on the number of implants that will be placed on the patient. It is determined by the implantologist depending on the individual condition. The cost of restoration with TeethXpress is actually higher than dentures. But the investment pays for itself many times over through the patient’s resilience, comfort and peace of mind for the rest of their life.

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