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Dental splints

Splints are well-known and used for many years means in dentistry, the purpose of which is most often to correct incorrect placement of teeth in infancy. However, the applications of bus bars often go far beyond that.

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What do we know about bus bars?

What are dental braces and what types are there?

Dental splints are special devices that are custom-made for each patient from soft or hard silicone materials. In all cases, they are placed on the teeth to protect them from various potential damages or to correct the dental arch. One of the great conveniences of splints is the ability to take them off and put them back on.

Here are the main types of purpose of the rails:

For protection during sports and physical activities

Braces may also be recommended for people who do not have orthodontic problems – for example, to protect teeth in athletes and people who engage in potentially traumatic physical activity. They protect against breakage, dislocation and other trauma by absorbing the force of impact and distributing it evenly over the masticatory apparatus and jaw.

To correct a malocclusion

Incorrect placement, crowding of teeth, too large spacing or lack of it – it often happens that nature does not arrange our smile exactly as we would like. These deformities are best corrected in early childhood. Otherwise, they affect not only the aesthetics, but also create the prerequisites for complications in the development of the jaw, for a violation in the functionality of the masticatory apparatus, damage to the gums, etc.

The most effective way to correct these imperfections in children, and in many cases adults, are braces – removable appliances that exert pressure on the jaw in the right direction. Over a period of time within a new visit, the orthodontist will fix them in a new position relative to the progress of treatment to continue the pressure until the desired final result is achieved. And to arouse the child’s interest and desire to actively wear the splints, we can choose attractive splints with different fresh illustrations and color combinations. Of course, they can also be completely colorless. The material used to make these orthodontic appliances is high quality, flexible and safe. It does not cause allergic reactions and irritations.

For protection against night-time clenching of the teeth

Many people suffer from night jaw clenching and teeth grinding – this is the so-called. Bruxism. Although it may seem harmless, it can lead to teeth grinding, jaw pain, general discomfort. This is because the unconscious pressure that a sleeping person exerts in bruxism is extremely strong.

To reduce potential trauma, dentistry offers these patients nighttime braces for bruxism, designed to reduce pressure and friction on the teeth. They are most often made of hard, transparent silicone.

For teeth whitening

There are different types of professional teeth whitening. One of them is by making busbars according to individual design. They serve as a kind of container in which the patient puts the bleaching agent and already at home wears them for several hours a day until the desired shade is achieved.

Types of dental braces

There are different types, the most popular being the children’s. They are made of silicone material, according to individual measurements. Thus, they help to maintain the correct position of the teeth, prevent irregularities and ensure the proper development of the jaw. Depending on the type and preference, they can often feature different details including figures, animals and other colour combinations.

The material used to make these orthodontic appliances is flexible, safe. Does not cause allergic reactions and irritations. Depending on their adjustability, there are splints that can be adjusted according to the changes and needs of the particular patient, and those that cannot. Dental splints, unlike braces, are removable, and can be removed during meals. To maintain them you need to clean them with a soft brush.

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