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Bonding is one of the reasons why we claim that any imperfection on the smile can be corrected… to perfection. From English, the word is translated in several ways – as “gluing”, as “gluing”. But we like “bonding” best.

Because bonding is a procedure that truly binds your teeth into one harmonious, complete, beautiful smile.

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Advantages and Features

Here's how

Bonding is a technology that allows us to make even a severely damaged tooth functional and aesthetic again. We achieve this by adding photopolymer material directly to the tooth. This way we can change both its shape and colour – until we achieve the ideal result.

And we do it – every day. Today, bonding is one of the most preferred procedures in aesthetic dentistry.

Of course, when we talk about aesthetics, we logically think of the front teeth first. Indeed, restoration by bonding is most often applied to front-end adjustments. But its possibilities go far beyond that. With bonding we can:

  • to restore the tooth from fractures, chipping, uneven cutting edges, cracks or abrasion
  • to close gaps between teeth
  • to completely change the shape of the teeth
  • to completely change or even out the colour of the teeth to remove stains and discolourations of all kinds
  • to extend the cutting edges
  • to correct the proportions of the smile
  • to cover and protect the areas where there is increased sensitivity of the teeth (most often it occurs at their base)

Bonding uses the same material as fillings, which we dentists call composite obturations. This material is a plastic-based photopolymer that is applied to the tooth.

To get there, however, we first need to agree on what the perfect smile is for you. This is where digital technology comes to the rescue, thanks to which we create the blueprint of your future smile. We correct until you say yes. And we guarantee that the result will not deviate a millimeter from what you liked and approved.

What are the advantages?


Bonding achieves impressive aesthetic results, making it one of the most preferred means of correcting any dental imperfections. However, this is far from its only advantage. Here are some of the others:

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When is it recommended?

From the list above, it is clear that bonding has an extremely wide field of application in the need for aesthetic correction of teeth. However, we do not recommend it in all cases.

Where there is more extensive tooth destruction, for example after serious trauma, we will offer another method of restoration depending on your condition.

Is bonding the best solution?

Bonding is a very good solution! With modern materials, it has solid durability and is the ideal option for correcting imperfections in the smile. Colour enhancement technologies and aesthetics are now at cosmic levels, guaranteeing you the most natural and impressive results.

However, if you want the best for yourself, bonding has an alternative – it’s facets. Any good dentist will tell you that they are the “heavy artillery” in aesthetic restorations because they outperform bonding in one very important respect – the longevity of the treatment results. 

Since the bonding is made of a plastic-based photopolymer, it has a limited lifetime. Its duration depends on a number of factors such as the method of manufacture, the specifics of the disability, the patient’s habits. But the average bonding has been in its top form for a few years. You will then need to visit your dental office again for maintenance and replacement. In this way we will be able to preserve its aesthetic and clinical qualities. 

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Why Medical Dent?

Aesthetic dentistry is one of the calling cards of Medical Dent. We are proud to have an extensive list of patients who smile with peace and confidence after treatment with us. Many of them do not even live in Sofia, but they chose the treatment in Medical Dent consciously and purposefully. Thank them for that!

But we are even more proud of our experienced specialists who have the latest generation equipment at their disposal. With this combination, no mistake can be made.

So when it comes to aesthetic smile restoration, the most logical answer is
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