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Braces are long gone are the rough and ugly braces of just over a decade ago, which patients in their more mature years well remember with a not-so-pleasant feeling. The development of technology and materials in dentistry has turned them into aesthetic and discreet “jewels” that are a sign of self-care and even, in a sense, of prestige.

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What do we know?

When do we need braces?

Braces are perhaps the most important “weapon” of orthodontics against misaligned teeth, proven effective for decades. They are administered to adult patients in whom all the permanent teeth are already in the mouth. There is no upper age limit for braces treatment.

Here are some of the cases in which we recommend them:

  • Incorrect bite. It could be reversed when the lower jaw is more prominent than the lower jaw. A rib when the two jaws meet instead of the upper jaw overlapping the lower. Crossbite – when part of the front teeth fit properly, but another part – not at all.
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Greater spacing between teeth. When it comes to the anterior, this is called diastema. For the remaining teeth – trem.

The length of treatment varies depending on the case, but on average can last between one and two years.

At Medical Dent Dental Clinic, we recommend every patient to consult an orthodontist – even if there is no apparent reason. Sometimes it is possible that an incorrect bite looks quite aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time causes “silent” damage – for example, damage to the gums or too intense build-up of tartar due to difficult cleaning.

How is the treatment?

First of all, a consultation with an orthodontist is necessary. He is much more able than a general dentist to assess what treatment you need and how to implement it for optimal results.

This is achieved on the basis of a detailed examination, radiographic images, special techniques and analysis that help us to draw up a detailed individual plan for orthodontic treatment, plan its stages and duration. At this point, we also choose the braces system that will be most suitable for your particular case.

Only then the braces are fixed. On the plaster model is predetermined the location of each individual tooth, where they will be fixed.

A careful professional cleaning and polishing follows to ensure a good environment for the placement of the fixative on which the brackets will be positioned. Once the orthodontist makes sure they are properly aligned, the bonding agent is polymerized and the braces are now firmly bonded to the teeth. Finally, the entire row of braces is clamped and fixed with a common metal arch. It, in turn, is replaced several times during the course of treatment to provide constant pressure and continue the adjustment until the desired end result is achieved.

Once this “fitting” is complete, we will give you detailed instructions on how to properly maintain your oral hygiene during treatment. And we will schedule the frequency of check-ups. These regular appointments also include a professional cleaning because good hygiene is key to a successful treatment outcome.

Types of breccias

Types of braces

Today, it is possible to choose your braces in the same way that you choose the best glasses or earrings for you. But most important of all, they achieve remarkable and sustainable results in correcting misaligned dental arches – for life!

Modern orthodontics works with different types of braces:

  • They can be metal – made of premium steel.
  • They can be semi-aesthetic or aesthetic – ceramic, sapphire. They are the same size and shape as the metal ones, but their material is the same colour as the tooth itself – and this makes them much more discreet.
  • They can be fixed on the outside of the teeth (which is most often recommended by orthodontic specialists). But there is also the possibility to hide them on the inside – these are the so-called. lingual braces. However, they require even more precise and systematic oral hygiene maintenance.
  • We can also offer you the innovation in dental arch correction – clear dental veneers, which have been gaining more and more popularity over the last decade. Because they are colourless and therefore extremely discreet.

Basically, the technology involves a set of custom-made splints that are used for a specific period and in a specific sequence. Their goal is to take the healing process one step further each time.

Aligners have another advantage over braces – the patient can take them off and put them back on if necessary.

However, it is important to clarify that aligners are not a 100% alternative to braces. Your orthodontist will assess whether they are appropriate in your particular case. 

The incorrect bite

An incorrect bite can be a serious problem that affects not only the appearance of the smile, but also the functionality of the jaw joints. When teeth and jaws are misaligned, stresses are created that can lead to various orthodontic problems over time.

Lack of proper orthodontic treatment can cause the following complications:

  • Jaw and head pain: an incorrect bite can cause tension in the jaw joints and facial musculature, causing jaw and head pain.
  • Tooth wear: misaligned bite can cause uneven tooth wear, which can eventually lead to tooth enamel loss and other serious dental problems.
  • Difficulty speaking: an improper bite can create difficulties in the proper functioning of the oral cavity, leading to difficulty speaking.
  • Temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ problems): An incorrect bite can contribute to the development of temporomandibular joint problems, which include pain and discomfort in the jaw area.

At Medical Dent we offer an individual and competent approach to orthodontic treatment. Our specialists will advise you and suggest the most appropriate methods for correcting your bite in order to improve your smile and prevent possible health problems.

Are there any side effects of braces treatment?

In a healthy way – none. Braces treatment is a proven, proven, established and virtually indispensable means of correcting misaligned teeth once and for all – as long as it is done correctly.

In terms of comfort – we keep it honest. At the beginning of treatment, you may feel some discomfort caused by the pressure of the correction system. Don’t worry, this feeling goes away quickly. But if you feel severe and prolonged pain, contact your orthodontist – the arches may need some adjustment.

It is the same with articulation. It is possible that at first you may have difficulty pronouncing certain sounds. This is also something you get used to quickly and soon it won’t make an impression on you.

The snacks do not require a restriction in the diet. It is only advisable to reduce the intake of very hard or sticky products.

About oral hygiene we have already said – it should always be up to par. But with braces treatment, it’s a must!

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Comparison on several important aspects

Are braces expensive?

Different types of braces have different prices that depend on their material, workmanship and the length of treatment. From the initial examination, our orthodontist will introduce you to the specifics of each of them, and the final choice will be tailored entirely to your wishes and capabilities.

However, it is important to remind you – orthodontic treatment is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure and failure to undergo it could lead to complications and therefore longer and more costly treatments.

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Trust the best clinic!

Why trust Medical Dent?

From the X-ray, through the correct diagnosis and prognosis, to the professional assessment of the treatment, the manufacture of the precise corrective appliance and the follow-up of the treatment to its successful beautiful conclusion – this “path” is trodden to perfection in the Medical Dent Dental Clinic. We are proud to have a long list of patients – not just in Sofia, but across the country – who we have helped to smile confidently and without embarrassment again.

Orthodontics is a top priority for us because we are aware that it is key to preventing many other dental diseases and complications. That’s why we invest – in highly qualified and experienced specialists who successfully apply the most advanced methods of smile correction. And in high-tech equipment that helps us conduct a smooth, painless and effective treatment.

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We believe that each tooth is a complex organism and its different problems require different specialists.

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