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Sore gums

Gingivitis is a condition that requires an immediate visit to the dentist’s office. A competent specialist is able to quickly master such an infection. However, patients should not postpone his intervention, because delay and inappropriate “treatments” at home create a risk of complications.

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What causes gingivitis?

This is usually the result of an accumulation of bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the oral cavity. In this respect, the most risky are the hard-to-reach spaces, where cleaning requires caution and more effort – these are the places around the molars and in particular the wisdom teeth, the necks of the teeth, the interdental spaces, crowns, bridges.
In the following lines, we will introduce you to the main factors that lead to gingivitis so that you can take timely measures:

Improper oral hygiene

The first and main cause of the presence of the disease is poor or improper oral hygiene. Irregular or imprecise tooth brushing allows the formation and retention of a fine biofilm that builds up over time and becomes what is known as a “cavity. bacterial plaque. It is it that contains the toxins that lead to inflammation.


Most often, they are caused by an excessively stiff toothbrush, improper use of interdental brushes or floss, as well as excessive pressure when cleaning. The other possible cause of mechanical injury is some type of trauma.

Weakening of immunity

Weakening immune defences may not cause gum disease, but may stimulate and accelerate an already existing one. Excessively high stress levels can also contribute to worsening the condition.

Poor diet and smoking

Consuming excessive amounts of sugar and acidic foods has a negative effect on gum health. Smoking doesn’t help them either – because of the toxins in cigarettes.

What are the symptoms?

Redness and bleeding

If your gums are visibly red or bleed periodically – spontaneously, with pressure or when cleaning, this is a sure sign of inflammation.

Swelling and pain

Soreness and swelling are also a sure symptom and alarm signal to visit the dentist


The presence of pus oozing from the gum is a sure sign of advanced infection. Don’t put off seeing the dentist.

Specific bad breath

Bad breath can have a number of causes, but gingivitis and periodontitis are one of them. If you detect a specific, heavy odor, do not postpone the examination at the dentist.

Receding gums

If the process of receding gums has begun, which leads to the exposure of the teeth at their base, the disease progresses and we are no longer talking about simple inflammation, but about periodontitis. This means that between the tooth and the gum has formed the so-called. pocket – an unprotected open space where bacterial plaque lingers and gradually begins to damage tissue and bone. This condition requires the immediate intervention of a specialist in the field.

What is the treatment?

Effective. Dentists know the different conditions and their causes well, so treatment in most cases gives excellent and long-lasting results. However, timing is an extremely important factor in its success.
Depending on your condition, the dentist will prescribe the right procedures. It is important to know that the main and key condition for healthy gums is impeccable oral hygiene. It includes both the usual cleaning at home with a brush, paste and floss, and professional cleaning with ultrasound and a special dental powder over a period of time.

Such professional cleaning is one of the mandatory steps that the dentist will take to remove the bacterial cause of the infection and soothe the tissues. The number, frequency and depth of these cleanings will be determined depending on how advanced the infection is.
You may also be prescribed anti-inflammatory medication.
Once the acute infection has passed, the dentist will instruct you on how to brush your teeth properly and what care to take to prevent further infections.
Usually, these measures in aggregate are fully effective. However, it is important that they are carried out by a competent specialist in the field and with the necessary professional deep cleaning equipment.

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