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Crowns are a well-known means of restoring function and aesthetics to teeth that have been deeply eroded, devitalized or severely damaged as a result of trauma.

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What do we know about them?


Crowns are a well-known means of restoring function and aesthetics to teeth that have been deeply eroded, devitalized or severely damaged as a result of trauma.
This method of prosthetic restorations is widely known and has been used for decades. The development of dentistry in recent years, however, has brought good news in this respect as well. Today prosthetic restorations are:

  • Much more efficient
  • Much more precise
  • Much faster
  • Much more aesthetic

The role of the crown is to both protect the tooth and ensure its functionality. Therefore, it is important that it is made to fit the jaw flawlessly and fully restore the damaged tooth.

And the causes of disability can be different:

  • Impact in an accident resulting in rupture or deep rupture
  • Trauma that has damaged the tooth above the gum, but its roots have remained healthy
  • Root canal treatment not carried out or carried out incorrectly
  • Too bulky fillings that carry the risk of breaking the tooth lengthwise to the root. These cases, unfortunately, require extraction of the tooth and its replacement with an implant, which also needs to be prosthetic with a crown.

In all of these cases, there is one thing in common – in order to place a crown on the tooth, there must be enough of it left in the supra-anterior space to serve as a stable foundation. We popularly call this part the “stump”.

The prosthetic construction made in the laboratory covers and covers the stump tightly, is cemented on it and thus simultaneously completes the damaged tooth, protects it and splint it.

All three features are extremely important because devitalized teeth are much less resistant than living teeth.

Does a tooth have to be killed to get a crown?

No. This is an outdated and completely wrong concept. There are many cases in which prosthetic restoration of a living tooth is necessary. In these cases, its preparation is simply carried out under local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain during the burn.

The dentist will then take an impression that will go to the lab to have the crown made.
And while this process lasts, we put a temporary one made of high-quality plastic material. In this way, we save the patient any aesthetic and functional inconvenience from the very first visit.

Types of crowns

What types of crowns are there and how to choose the right one for us?

There are three main types of material from which they are made:

All-ceramic and zirconia are superior to metal-ceramic purely aesthetically. Zirconia ones, on the other hand, are also better in terms of their strength.
Because of their different qualities, the three types of crowns have different prices. The dentist will best assess which is right for you, taking into account your desire and capabilities.

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How long is the life of a crown?

If it is well made and properly placed, it can fully perform its functions for a period of 10-15 years and even more. However, a prerequisite for this is the maintenance of good oral hygiene by the patient.

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Why trust Medical Dent?

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that prosthetic restorations, and in particular the placement of crowns, are an old discipline in dentistry, but thanks to modern technology they are now much faster, aesthetic, precise, long-lasting and functional.
And the name of the dental clinic Medical Dent is synonymous with high-tech treatments with equipment and devices of the latest generation. These, in combination with the professionalism of the specialists in the clinic, are our guarantee for your successful treatment.
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