A surgical partner for your dental practice

Operation: Collaboration

Medical Dent Dental Clinic is the first specialized clinic for implantology and oral surgery not only in Sofia, but also in Bulgaria. We saw and understood the prospects for this segment of dentistry nearly two decades ago when we decided to work with a strong focus on implantology and oral surgery.

What do we offer?

Operation: Collaboration

Over the past years, in cooperation with many dental practices in the country, we have “taken” our expertise outside the clinic and outside Sofia to provide quality treatment for patients in a number of dental practices of our colleagues and partners across the country.

This inspired us to create “Operation: Collaboration” – a collaboration project between the experienced specialists from Medical Dent Dental Clinic and colleagues from Bulgaria who need assistance in treating the more severe cases in the field of oral surgery.

What do we offer?

A surgical partner with experience, competence and proven expertise for your dental practice.

Why Operation Collaboration?

So you can offer complete solutions to your patients:

  • When they need serious surgical interventions
  • Without referring them to different specialists
  • Without losing their trust
  • Retaining the ability to control and monitor their treatment.
Our successful operations

In essence: a surgeon in your practice for one operating day

Plan your cases that need surgical intervention and hire a dental surgeon under “Operation: Collaboration”. Within one day, our specialist will come to your practice with all the necessary equipment, and perform the operations.

For urgent and complex cases requiring special equipment, our cooperation also provides for the use of Medical Dent’s fully equipped facilities, which meet the highest global standards of high technology and sterility.

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