What do we know about orthodontics?


Orthodontics is that branch of dentistry that deals with the study and treatment of misaligned smiles. Unfortunately, nature is sometimes not kind to us and arranges our teeth in a way that does not correspond to either aesthetic or health criteria. Fortunately, however, modern orthodontics is ready with a beautiful and effective solution for any such case.

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Prevention and treatment at the orthodontist

Prophylactic visits to the orthodontist’s office should begin from early childhood – around 5 years of age, when approximately the milk teeth begin to fall out and the permanent ones appear. The pediatric orthodontist will take radiographs to determine if there is a risk of misalignment, malposition of the permanent teeth, deformities, bite damage or jaw problems. And on the basis of this examination will recommend the right methods of timely treatment.

The key word here is “timely”. Modern orthodontics achieves excellent results at any age, but is most effective precisely in the early stages of the development of the child and his jaw. Early correction would save a number of aesthetic concerns and health risks for the adult patient when treatment is more difficult, more time consuming and – not least – more expensive.

Apart from the aesthetic, there are also purely medical reasons not to wait – left untreated, orthodontic problems can lead to complications of various kinds in the elderly person – tooth attrition, periodontal care, additional deformities, risk of infections due to impaired oral hygiene.

But whenever you decide to proceed with dental arch correction is better than never. And the orthodontic specialists at Medical Dent Dental Clinic are prepared to offer you the best solutions for your specific needs.

What are the risks?

When is orthodontic treatment necessary?

When it decides to play pranks on us, nature can be very inventive. That’s why orthodontic specialists are prepared to meet a variety of cases. Some of them are:

  • Incorrect bite. It could be reversed when the lower jaw is more prominent than the lower jaw. A rib when the two jaws meet instead of the upper jaw overlapping the lower. Crossbite – when part of the front teeth fit properly, but another part – not at all.
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Greater spacing between teeth. When it comes to the anterior, this is called diastema. For the remaining teeth – trem.
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Methods of treatment

The magic of orthodontics

Modern orthodontics has a wide arsenal of effective means to correct misaligned teeth, and your dentist will select and recommend the most effective one for your particular case. Generally, however, the principle of action in all of them is the same – it is a biological phenomenon, in which by applying pressure to the tooth stimulates the melting of bone where it is not needed, and the creation of new – in the right places. It is this “reorganization” that leads to the correct arrangement of the teeth at the end of treatment.

What is the treatment?

There are three main tools that orthodontics uses to achieve the ideal dental arch. And they, in turn, have countless options for individual adaptation – so that they are as fast and effective as possible for each specific patient:


They are mostly recommended in pediatric orthodontics. They are removable corrective appliances made of metal that are “tensioned” over a period of time to continue to apply pressure to the teeth and correct the bite. This type of treatment is extremely effective in childhood, as long as you cope with the difficult task of disciplining the little patient in regular wearing of the splints.


They can be metal or ceramic, and are suitable for orthodontic treatment in youthful or adult patients.

Metal Braces

Modern models of metal braces are much more aesthetic and discreet than the braces used years ago. In fact, these days wearing such corrective devices is no longer perceived as a disadvantage. On the contrary, it is a sign that you are taking care of yourself. And the look of braces has evolved in recent years to such an extent that they now look more like a beautiful accessory than a treatment tool.

They are made of first-class stainless steel according to a pattern previously prepared and planned by the orthodontist. They are attached individually to each tooth and are interconnected by a metal arch – it is this arch that exerts pressure on the teeth and over time helps to move them into the desired correct position. If you wish to keep the metal brackets out of sight, there is an option to place them on the inside of the tooth rows. However, this means doing your best to clean them carefully afterwards. Metal braces are fixed to the teeth and cannot be removed during the entire treatment period, which lasts individually for each patient and is determined by the doctor. For this you will need to visit him regularly on a fixed schedule so that he can monitor the progress of your treatment.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are available at a slightly higher price, but they are transparent or the color of the tooth itself, which makes them very popular with patients. Their principle of action is the same, and so are our insistent recommendations for thorough cleaning – it is key to avoid discolouration of the appliance and – more importantly – damage to the teeth during treatment.

Transparent removable rails

Clear braces, known as aligners, are becoming an increasingly popular method of smile correction in orthodontics. They are also made especially for you in several sets, which follow the progress of the treatment and with each subsequent one provide the necessary pressure for the continuation of the correction until the desired result is achieved. They have three big advantages over braces:

  • Discretion

Clear splints are virtually invisible, which gives patients peace of mind and confidence to maintain their social lives without worry.

  • Right to choose

The other big plus of the liners is the ability to take them off and put them back on. This allows the patient to choose the time of day to wear them.

  • Hygiene

Clear removable splints allow you to maintain much better oral hygiene and do not require changes in your eating habits.

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Are there any negative effects of the treatment?

No. Orthodontic treatment is proven, tested and effective – as long as it is carried out by a qualified professional in the right way. However, we are careful to be honest with our patients – especially in the early stages they may feel some discomfort. They are completely negligible and you will soon forget about them, but we keep you informed:

  • Feeling pressure. This sensation is very real, but especially in the beginning it can cause you some discomfort. It is important to remember that clenching the teeth means the effectiveness of the treatment. However, it should not turn into pain. If you feel one, contact your orthodontist. 
  • Slight changes in diction. In the beginning, you may have some difficulty articulating all the sounds correctly. Be calm, it is a matter of a very short time to get used to it. And it has already been proven by our long practice that the problem looks much bigger to the patient than it actually is.
  • Need for very thorough oral hygiene. We recommend it to all patients anyway, whether they wear braces or not. But cleaning in orthodontic treatment has specifics that need to be followed really strictly to not compromise the results. Your orthodontist will give you the right guidance for this.
Treatment process

What is orthodontic treatment at Medical Dent Dental Clinic?

Treatment process, requirements and questions from our patients! Be confident and relaxed during your treatment with us!

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Reasons to trust Medical Dent

From the X-ray, through the correct diagnosis and prognosis, to the professional assessment of the treatment, the manufacture of the precise corrective appliance and the follow-up of the treatment to its successful beautiful conclusion – this “path” is trodden to perfection in the Medical Dent Dental Clinic.

Orthodontics is a top priority for us because we are aware that it is key to preventing many other dental diseases and complications. That’s why we invest – in highly qualified and experienced specialists who successfully apply the most advanced methods of smile correction. And in high-tech equipment that helps us conduct a smooth, painless and effective treatment.

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