Transparent liners

Invisalign aligners

Invisalign are clear braces that are made using digital technology from a high quality patented material to an individual design for each patient.

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Invisalign aligners

Dental aligners have already made a name for themselves as an extremely effective yet aesthetic alternative to braces. They often prove to be the preferred means of orthodontic treatment among patients because they combine three serious advantages:

  • They are discreet because they are transparent
  • They are convenient because they can be taken off and put back on
  • They are effective because they are tailored to each patient’s individual needs

Because of all this, we can recommend this type of treatment for a wide range of orthodontic cases, from straightening teeth and correcting a misaligned bite, to closing interdental spaces and perfectly aligning your smile. 

Advantages and Features

Invisalign aligners

The technology for making clear aligners has been developed, improved and refined for decades to meet patients’ desire for their orthodontic treatment to be as comfortable and aesthetic as possible. Transparent plastic material was used to make such rails as early as the 1960s. But their real success didn’t come until the turn of the century, when Invisalign, a brand that specializes entirely in creating clear aligners for both children and adults, came to light. A brand already known worldwide for the high quality of its product and its many benefits. A brand that we also work with at Medical Dent Dental Clinic.

What are they?

Invisalign are clear braces that are made using digital technology from high-quality material according to the individual design of each patient.

One of their biggest advantages over braces, according to our patients, is the ability to take them off and put them back on. This, on the one hand, allows precise cleaning, which is key to a successful treatment outcome. And on the other it gives patients the freedom to choose the time and moments they wear them.

Of course, we highly recommend that this time is strictly in accordance with your orthodontist’s recommendations!

When can I insert the liner?

Who are they suitable for?

The aligners achieve brilliant results in the correction of dental arches in many orthodontic cases. Some of them are:

  • Incorrect bite, which could be reverse, edged, crossed
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Larger distances between the teeth – so-called. diastema

However, tinners are not applicable in 100% of cases. Your orthodontist will make the best judgment on whether to choose them or another treatment. Trust him!

But there are no age restrictions. Invisalign are suitable

For teenagers

We all know that for young people at this age, appearance is an absolute priority. Invisalign also knows this and is therefore the perfect “Two in One” for vain youngsters: it’s almost invisible while quietly and invisibly correcting the smile forever.

For adults

Many people in adulthood feel uncomfortable undergoing orthodontic treatment even though they understand and feel the need for it – because of social factors, public commitments and a number of other reasons. For them, the aligners are an extremely suitable solution due to their flexible concept – you can take them off when you judge that they will cause you discomfort. And they in turn will put an end once and for all to another, much bigger inconvenience – smiling widely without worrying that something is wrong with your teeth.


Steps and advantages

What steps does the treatment go through?

At Medical Dent Dental Clinic, we have extensive experience in orthodontic treatment and an even more extensive list of satisfied patients. That is why we have well trodden the path, which we follow in six easy steps – without emergencies, unforeseen circumstances and surprises:

1. Initial consultation with an orthodontist

First of all, it is important to consult a professional who can guide you to the most appropriate method for straightening your teeth. With him you can discuss what your wishes are, as well as the methods of treatment. During the initial consultation you will receive detailed information about this process, which we have also briefly described here.

2. Scanning and photography

The creation of your dental aligners is based entirely on digital technology. Therefore, we need to take a precise impression of your teeth and make a kind of map of your dentition by scanning and photographing it. This map will serve your orthodontist for maximum precision in the next steps.

3. Preliminary preparation

Orthodontic treatment is only proceeded with if the teeth are completely healthy. That is why we will examine you carefully and, if dental disease is found, it should be treated first.

4. First sample

There’s no fooling around – the first time you put it on, you’ll probably feel the liners pretty tight. That’s the idea! They are made entirely to the pattern of your teeth and there needs to be pressure (of course, it should not be unbearable) for them to work. If necessary, adjustments will be made on the basis of the first sample until the optimal result is achieved in the judgment of the orthodontist and according to your comfort.

5. Replacement during a specified period

During the course of your treatment, you will change your aligners over a period of time depending on your progress. The period is strictly individual and depends on the orthodontist’s judgment, but on average it varies around two weeks. This is done because the adjustment of the teeth begins almost immediately. In order for the splint to continue applying effective pressure, it is necessary to “update” it to the new position of the dental arch.

6. When will I see the results of the treatment?

Very fast! You will notice visible results in the first weeks. But the timeframe for final results varies according to the complexity of each case. You can get more specific information about it from your orthodontist.

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Why Medical Dent?

Medical Dent Dental Clinic was one of the first to offer Invisalign treatments to our patients because we quickly discovered their benefits. Therefore, it can be said that we have gained momentum both in terms of the experience, precision and care with which we recommend and apply this type of treatment, as well as the high number of patients who to this day smile broadly and peacefully thanks to it.

We pride ourselves on the expertise of the orthodontic specialists on our team. It gives us the confidence to assure you right now of the brilliant results of dental aligner treatment at Medical Dent.

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