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Children's dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is not what it used to be. Long corridors, strict doctors, white aprons and that strong, intrusive “dentist’s office” smell that can’t be mistaken for anything else – at Medical Dent all that is a thing of the past.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our mission: to instill in our young patients the right attitude towards regular dental care and to prevent them from developing a fear of the dentist. Because we believe that prevention is always preferable to lengthy and complex treatments in adulthood, which often come at a high price.

The Recipe: At Medical dent, the little ones get the most attention. For them we have equipped a special colorful children’s corner for fun while they wait for their turn to sit on the chair. We explain the procedures and treatments in their language so that they take them as a challenge and a game. We approach their fears with care, tenderness and patience – until we eliminate them completely and build the children’s trust in the dentist.

The goal: Regular visits to the pediatric dentist for prevention, prophylaxis and timely treatments. They are a guarantee of flourishing dental health throughout childhood and throughout life.

What does pediatric dentistry advise?

The first visit to the pediatric dentist should be as soon as the first tooth appears. It may seem too early, but it’s not. Here’s why:

Pediatric dentistry is clear: Good dental health of the adolescent organism depends on the simple combination of good oral hygiene and regular prophylaxis. While the former is more up to the parents, the latter is our responsibility. That’s why we make every effort to always be available for our little patients.

Medical Dent

Children's dentistry and prevention

One of the innovations that have established themselves in recent years in pediatric dentistry, and which we recommend with both hands, is silanization. It is a fine, inconspicuous coating that is applied to the teeth and protects them from carious processes. You have probably noticed that most often in childhood, caries appear on the chewing teeth – molars. This is because their mineralization is not yet fully complete and they are vulnerable to attack by bacteria.

The invisible film of fillings protects these less mineralized areas from biofilm build-up, plaque and ultimately tooth decay. The procedure is extremely mild and is recommended for children with pronounced tooth decay or earlier eruption of permanent teeth.

Children's dentistry and treatment

Prevention in almost 100% of cases succeeds in preventing serious dental diseases and complications in children. But still, sometimes it comes to such, and then it is important to rely on your pediatric dentist.

That is why you can rely on Medical Dent Dental Clinic in case of emergency. In Sofia, we have a dedicated team of dentists around the clock who will take care of the child and assess the need for further emergency intervention.

We are also prepared for patients with special needs. If their condition requires it, we can offer treatment under general anesthesia, strictly administered and monitored by an experienced anesthesiologist. Procedures under general anesthesia are also recommended for adolescents with a strong fear of dental treatment, as long as there are no contraindications in this regard.

The best for our children!

Why should I take my child to Medical Dent?

Medical Dent Dental Clinic has a specialized pediatric department, a team of pediatric dentists and a special protocol for working with children. The technological equipment in the clinic is world-class. We work with the highest quality materials, and we always have a qualified anaesthetist on hand for instant allergy testing.

Pediatric dentistry at Medical Dent is quality without compromise, yet at a reasonable price. Our waiting rooms are equipped with PlayStation for our customers.

The focus on children and their dental health is part of the Medical Dent story. It starts way back in the years when our loyal patients became parents and started bringing their children to us. So we naturally became a kind of family clinic, which we are really proud of!

This is a trust that means a great responsibility for us. We keep justifying it – every day!

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We believe that each tooth is a complex organism and its different problems require different specialists.

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