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Although this material is on the topic of “Dental Bridge”, we will take the opportunity to tell about its better alternative – dental implants. This way, you will have the full range of knowledge to help you choose how to restore lost teeth.

We are quick to make it clear that our clear choice is in favour of dental implants. And in the following lines we tell why.

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Advantages and Features

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic structure designed to compensate for the absence of one or more teeth. It is made in a dental laboratory according to a precise digital design. Most often it consists of two crowns, between which in a common construction is made the middle bridge part – the replacement of the missing tooth.

The crowns are placed by bonding on the previously filed healthy teeth around the missing one and thus the tooth row is restored. The “decorative” tooth stands above the crown (hence the name “bridge”), and the two adjacent crowns provide it with stability.

Both individual crowns and bridge structures can be made of different materials depending on the doctor’s recommendation and the patient’s preferences and abilities – metal-ceramic, pure ceramic, zirconia.

The colour of a dental bridge is the same as the other, natural teeth. During the procedure, the patient feels no pain or discomfort.

There is also the possibility to place a bridge even if there are no supporting healthy teeth on both sides. This is the so-called. cantilever bridge, which has a support on one side only and consists of two crowns – the supporting and the replacement one. However, this type of restoration is not very load-resistant, so it is only recommended when restoring front teeth.

Dental bridges have been familiar to dentists for decades and continue to be a mainstream means of restoring missing teeth – not least because of their more affordable cost. However, our experience shows that in recent years more and more patients are turning to dental implants as a more sustainable, more reliable, healthier and more aesthetic alternative.

Comparison on several important aspects

Why is a dental implant preferable to a bridge?

There are a number of very practical reasons why good dental clinics and dentists recommend dental implants instead of bridges to their patients. Here we will mention only some of the more important ones:


A dental implant effectively mimics the root of a tooth, which is surgically placed into the gum and over time integrates into the bone. And with the help of a special superstructure, the crown is built on it, which finally restores the lost tooth. The end result is a unified system that the body recognizes and perceives in a completely natural way.


The implant holds, looks, feels and cleans just like your natural teeth. It gives you a feeling of stability, comfort and 100% functionality.


No matter how skillfully a dental bridge is made, it remains hanging over the crown. This cannot go unnoticed, especially when it comes to restoring front teeth. Implant restoration does not have any aesthetic deficits and comes as close as possible to the appearance of a natural smile.


There are old and rather crude jokes about the difficulties bridge patients have in maintaining their oral hygiene. We won’t tell you about them, but we can confirm – hanging construction creates a good environment for bacteria to grow, and they are a prerequisite for infections. Sometimes it is even necessary to remove the bridge and replace it with a new one. With implants, this risk is reduced to an absolute minimum.


Placing a dental bridge requires filing the adjacent innocent healthy teeth so they can support the structure. Implant treatment focuses entirely on restoring the missing tooth without damaging others.

Long-term consequences

A bridge is not a tooth. It just looks like one. The absence of a root over time leads to bone reduction, recession of the gingiva under the bridge, and eventually jaw deformity. This is a natural process against which nothing can be done. That’s why good dentists do their best to save every tooth that can be saved. And if it can not – they recommend placing an implant, which plays brilliantly and fully the role of the natural tooth.

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Choose the best clinic!

The solution is in Medical Dent

When you visit Medical Dent Dental Clinic, we will explain in detail the benefits, advantages and risks of dental bridge or dental implant treatment. The final decision will be yours, and we can guarantee a masterful, long-term performance that will serve you faithfully. Because we meet all the necessary global standards for this:

  • World-class dentists with impeccable qualifications and extensive experience in treating missing teeth.
  • An individual treatment plan that reflects the specific needs of each patient.
  • Precise modern technique, which helps us to achieve flawless results – both in the placement of the structures and in the production of their aesthetic finish – the crowns themselves.
  • Established in the latest advances in dentistry and implantology treatment protocols that we strictly follow.
  • Follow-up of your case after treatment and individual recommendations for follow-up prophylaxis and personal care.

Medical Dent Dental Clinic is the first specialized clinic for implantology not only in Sofia, but also in Bulgaria. We saw and understood the prospects for this segment of dentistry nearly two decades ago when we decided to operate our clinic with a focus on implantology.

Today, we are proud of the extensive “portfolio” of patients whose smiles we have restored. They give us the confidence to state that in the search for truly quality implant dentistry, Medical Dent Dental Clinic is not just a good choice. It is the only choice.

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