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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry does not cure. She creates!
Medical Dent professionals are the artists. Digital technology, premium materials, and top-of-the-line equipment are their brushes and paints. And the canvas is your smile.
We will “paint” it to be perfect!

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Advantages and Features

What is aesthetic dentistry?

A healthy, white, shiny and beautifully shaped smile has long been a privilege not only of Hollywood stars.

Aesthetic dentistry is the part of dentistry that leads you to your flawless smile. It employs an impressive “arsenal” of methods, technologies and materials that are evolving rapidly, offering patients more and more options to correct any imperfection in their smile. And – through minimally invasive procedures.

These are some of the procedures that await you at the Medical Dent dental clinic in Sofia.

We conditionally divide them into two types – white and pink aesthetics. While the former deals mainly with the position, shape, appearance and color of the teeth, the latter focuses on their invariable “companion” – the gums.

Types of aesthetics

White aesthetics

Aesthetic dentistry offers a wide range of solutions that can improve both the alignment and appearance of teeth. These range from orthodontic treatments with braces and clear aligners Invisalign that will take care of the proper placement of the dental arch.

And they’re reaching for plenty of modern tools and technologies to improve the aesthetics. We are proud to have world-class equipment and materials at our dental clinic to ensure brilliant (literally and figuratively) results:

1. Bonding

Bonding is one of the most preferred procedures in aesthetic dentistry because it combines excellent results, speed, and a maximally non-invasive approach. In this procedure, photopolymer material is applied directly to the tooth according to a pre-designed project, which adjusts various imperfections in shape, colour and form.

Bonding can correct a wide range of imperfections such as chipping, cracks, sharp edges or spacing between teeth. Its big plus is that you see the result immediately – in just one visit. This is why it is also offered at more affordable prices for a wide range of patients, as it does not require laboratory work. A slight disadvantage is that the bonding needs maintenance over several years.

2. Veneers

Veneers are one of the most durable solutions in aesthetic dentistry, because unlike other whitening options where the teeth turn yellow again over time, here the sparkling whiteness is preserved and does not require additional care. Veneers are thin translucent ceramic scales that attach only to the front surface of living teeth. They successfully and permanently correct all imperfections of the dental crown – color, shape, size. At the same time, they are extremely strong because the specialist ensures an unbreakable adhesion between them and the tooth by gently polishing its surface. It is their durability that makes them the most preferred and recommended means of achieving the desired smile in aesthetic dentistry.

We are often asked – what if I don’t like myself after putting on the veneers. It is not possible for this to happen! The final appearance of your smile will be planned in advance, thanks to the Smile Design digital program, which prepares the design of your smile in advance. You will see it, we will make the desired adjustments and proceed with the fabrication and placement of the veneers only after your final “Yes”. And when the treatment is over, you will have a perfect, shining and charming pearly smile. It’s no coincidence that they call veneers the “Pearls of aesthetic dentistry”.

3. Porcelain Crowns

The beautiful crown is known by not knowing it is there. The craftsmanship in making the prosthesis for fractured or not vital teeth is of key importance, because on the one hand the crown must be as close as possible to the natural structure and transparency of the real tooth, and on the other – to protect it effectively. Medical Dent works with dental technicians whose professionalism makes us proud to call them true artists. And thanks to digital technology, you can now leave the office with a finished crown in just an hour – the innovative CEREC device allows us to make it by quickly taking a digital impression, virtual modeling of the future crown, express cutting it in the desired shape and gluing it to the tooth. The result for you is a fast and aesthetic recovery.

4. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening these days is no longer an extravagant luxury reserved for the upper class. It’s a sign that you take care of yourself, care about aesthetics and invest in your self-esteem. Even in a sense, we would no longer classify it as aesthetic dentistry, but as regular cosmetic care.

However, the teeth whitening procedure has its specifics, and aesthetic dentistry gives clear recommendations for lasting and effective results, which we at Medical Dent strictly follow. First of all – there are two types of whitening: clinical and at home.

1.1. Whitening at home

Whitening at home is with the help of specially made splints, in which a whitening gel is placed. One whitening cycle lasts 3 weeks. During this period, splints are worn at the patient’s request – during the day or at night – for 2 hours.

When whitening at home, we recommend trusting an established dental clinic with experience in these procedures and proven high quality of their materials and supplies. The market currently offers plenty of home whitening systems, but not all have a guarantee of quality and safety.

1.2 Clinical whitening

Clinical whitening is performed for a period of 3 weeks – one visit per week. Each of them lasts one hour. If at the end of the period you are satisfied with the result, the next step is a prophylaxis after 6 months and subsequent maintenance of the desired color. If the white shade obtained is not satisfactory, the 3-week clinical procedure is repeated after a 3-month break to achieve the desired color.

It is a prerequisite that the teeth are in good general condition before proceeding to teeth whitening. To this end, if necessary, we will start by cleaning them of plaque and tartar, and cure the cavities. After the whitening procedure is completed, it is important to avoid consuming staining foods and drinks – coffee, coca-cola, tea, red wine, cranberries, dark grapes, cherries.

Pink aesthetics

While the procedures that aesthetic dentistry offers to correct teeth are relatively well known to most patients, pink aesthetics are less well recognized.

And this is understandable, because it deals with the contour, the relief and the visible part of the dum. And sometimes the corrections of these components require a really high level of proficiency. At Medical Dent, we are proud of the many cases that prove our mastery of this superior skill.

Sometimes it boils down to the proper correction of the gum through orthodontic treatment. It is applied when too much of the crown is visible – the so called “gummy” smile. The patient is then recommended to wear braces to “retract” the gingival arch. However, it is also possible to resort to minor surgical interventions or tooth veneers.

The approach to each patient at Medical Dent is strictly individual, and you will be informed in advance about the possible solutions that will give the best results in your case. However, we can guarantee one thing from now on – aesthetic dentistry at Medical Dent is of an extremely high level. We are not saying it, but our thousands of patients who are smiling broadly, confidently and calmly today! 

Treatment process

What are Veneers? From Dental Clinic Medical Dent

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