What do we know about teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening

A fresh, white and radiant smile is one of the most beautiful “accessories” for every person. That is why teeth whitening, until recently a trademark mostly reserved for Western societies overseas, is becoming more and more common in our country.

The staining and darkening of teeth over the years is a natural process to which we contribute through the consumption of various foods and beverages. But modern dentistry now has an effective and completely harmless answer that brings back the natural and beautiful whiteness of the smile.

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Comparison on several important aspects

Why do teeth darken and stain?

First of all, let us make the clarification that in our geographical area people’s teeth are almost never completely white. At best they are of a milky-pearl hue, but often have a yellowish or greyish tinge.

Over time, natural darkening begins, which is accelerated by the intake of staining foods and drinks such as coffee, red wine, coca-cola, dark grapes, blueberries, cherries. Smoking has a strong impact on the whiteness of teeth, as well as some medications.

Regular professional cleanings to remove plaque buildup, tartar and stains partially help keep your smile looking aesthetically pleasing. But if we really want to restore natural whiteness, or – why not – increase it, the solution lies in teeth whitening.

What are the whitening methods?

There are two main directions – clinical and home-based. Clinical is performed by a dental professional and usually gives the fastest and most effective results. The procedure is gentle and painless, and the entire process is supervised by the specialist.

Most dental clinics now have modern systems – popularly called lamps – that activate the substance previously applied to the patient’s teeth and assist the process. The results are fast and truly remarkable. The dentist will assess whether follow-up maintenance over a period of time is necessary to preserve them.

Another option for partial professional whitening is to have a splint made especially for the patient in the dental clinic, into which the patient can insert the bleaching agent prescribed by the specialist and apply it at home. This method is a bit more time consuming, but its results are also excellent and extremely long lasting.

In a completely at-home setting, the patient applies the whitening agent to the teeth themselves for a set period of time, which varies according to different products. They can be in the form of paste, gel, tape and others. Application is also varied – by tube, pen, brush.

The market offers plenty of whitening products. However, our years of experience have convinced us that not everyone meets the quality criteria our patients deserve. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consult a specialist when choosing a preparation. And the best – to trust a professional in clinical conditions.

The important answers about teeth whitening

First of all, we hasten to calm any concerns you may have – smile whitening is a completely harmless procedure. Here are the answers to the more important questions our patients have asked:

Can I start whitening as soon as I decide?

In general – yes. But not always. Before the procedure, the dentist will do the so-called. assessment of your dental status – thorough examination of the general condition for caries, tartar build-up, fillings, veneers, crowns. He will also assess the colour of your teeth so that you can decide together on the optimum expected result.

Are the gums and mucous membranes in the mouth protected during the procedure?

Yeah. The dentist will apply special protection to the gums and adjacent tissues to protect them from contact with the bleaching agents. This ensures safety and prevents possible irritations or injuries.

How does whitening work?

The whitening agent contains active ingredients that penetrate the enamel of the teeth, breaking down pigments and stains. Quite often, this activity is assisted by a lamp with a special light or laser, which help the active ingredients to penetrate deeper and speed up the process.

Is there pain and tenderness during and after the procedure?

There is no pain. Mild to moderate sensitivity may occur in individual patients, which resolves very quickly. It is important to know that despite this short-term discomfort, the procedure is completely safe.

Does the procedure need to be repeated after a certain period?

This depends on both your desire and the whitening method you choose. The patient’s habits are also essential for maintaining whiteness. We recommend that he avoids consuming staining foods and beverages.

How long does the procedure take?

In clinical conditions – about an hour on average. The exact timing also depends on the programmes of the specific instrument used for the procedure.

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Why Medical Dent?

At Medical Dent Dental Clinic, high quality technology, materials and supplies are the law. Before we offer you any procedure, we first make absolutely certain of its effectiveness and safety.

The same goes for teeth whitening. We offer a variety of professional and semi-professional whitening options, but whichever you choose, you can be assured of brilliant results for your smile. Brilliant both literally and figuratively!

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