How is the treatment of pulpitis carried out?

Treatment of pulpitis

Pulpitis is the heavy legacy that untreated tooth decay leaves behind. It is treatable but should not be underestimated. So see your dentist at the first sign of symptoms. They rarely come as a surprise. We tell in the following lines what pulpitis is and how to recognize it.

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Stages of Treatment

What is it?

Each tooth has a cavity in which all the blood vessels and nerves are located. This is the pulp. Its condition is largely decisive for the overall health of the tooth.

When the pulp is attacked by an inflammatory process, the so called. pulpitis. The condition is common, so dentistry knows it well and is able to counteract it effectively.

Stages of Treatment

What is it?

Stages of Treatment

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of pulpitis resemble those of highly sensitive teeth or gums. However, the chance of such inflammation surprising you is minimal when it is the result of tooth decay – it is already painful in itself at an advanced stage, even if it has remained hidden from your eyes between two teeth or under the gum. Almost all patients with pulpitis have the following complaints:

Stages of Treatment

Timely treatment of pulpitis

Timely treatment of pulpitis is the key to preserving the tooth and its vitality. As the condition progresses, the chances of having to have the nerve killed increase, and this is never advisable.

What is the treatment?

The treatment of pulpitis is handled by specialists in endodontics, which translates as root canal treatment. It is very important to refer to an experienced and proven professional in this field when such a diagnosis is suspected, because controlling the inflammation and saving the tooth requires both serious skills and experience, as well as reliable technique.

For such a professional, making the right diagnosis will not pose a difficulty. And based on the examination and the condition of the particular patient, the right treatments will be assigned. In general, they are in several steps:

A delay in the treatment of pulpitis could have a high cost for the patient – both in terms of complications and the survival of the tooth in general. At Medical Dent Dental Clinic, we have tested and proven solutions for these cases too, so don’t worry. But still – nothing is better than natural teeth in their places!

Stages of Treatment

Why trust Medical Dent?

Pulpitis does not select. It can affect both adult patients and children, both milk teeth and permanent, even wisdom teeth. However, each individual case requires caution, correct judgment and extremely precise treatment with the latest generation technique. In short, it requires a flawless professional who handles flawless technology.

You will find this combination at Medical Dept Dental Clinic. Endodontics is our priority specialty and trademark because it is the key to our mission to save every tooth that can be saved. For this purpose, your treatment will be handled by world-class doctors who are fully and thoroughly profiled in the endodontic specialty, do not stop developing for a moment, constantly monitor and apply new concepts and successful practices in this important area of dental health.

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