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Implant dentistry is a relatively new discipline in dentistry, but it has developed at a lightning pace in the last decade and has become the best alternative for restoring missing teeth, superior in every way to traditional dentures and bridges. However, for this procedure to be successful and long-lasting, you need to trust a proven specialist with extensive experience in this field.

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How to choose the right implantologist?

More and more dental clinics and practices in Bulgaria and especially in Sofia are including implantology in their services. However, not everywhere it will be carried out with the necessary quality, precision, professionalism and follow-up over time. And they are necessary to ensure the successful execution of the procedure of restoring the missing tooth.
Only an experienced implantologist, who has encountered many different cases in his practice, can correctly perform a preliminary assessment of the condition of the tooth, the gingival mucosa and the surrounding tissues. And this assessment is key in developing your treatment plan and subsequent interventions to place the implant and integrate it into the bone.
A misjudgment on the part of the doctor could compromise the treatment, lead to further complications and ultimately to the loss of the implant.
Therefore, we offer you some basic criteria to guide you when choosing your implantologist:

Qualification and experience

There are already many good implantologists in Bulgaria. But there are also not so good ones. It’s important to research the experience of the specialist you’re planning on visiting. This is most easily done by asking people who already have experience with his services or with the dental clinic where he works. Of course, the key is the length of his experience in the field. Long years of practice for an implantologist mean a high level of expertise for even the most complex cases. But they should not be in the past tense! It is extremely important for a good implantologist to perform surgeries every day.

The team he works with

A good implantologist does not work alone. He has behind him a solid team of specialists in other areas of dentistry who guarantee not only the correct placement of the implant, but also the completion of the treatment in every aspect. So ask for the implantologist’s name and bio first, but then immediately check to see if he or she collaborates with a good orthodontist, prosthodontist, and even anesthesiologist.

The quality of implants and materials

The market currently offers an abundance of both dental implants and dental materials and supplies. In an effort to offer patients more attractive prices, many dental practices are turning to lower-end products. They can achieve satisfactory results, but at Dental Clinic Medical Dent we strive for the results to be unquestionable. We know from personal experience that the high quality of all materials largely determines the successful outcome of the treatment.

Patient ratings

A relatively easy way to gather preliminary impressions about your implantologist is the internet and social media. Look for the opinions of his patients and see the rating of the clinic where he works. There are now specialist apps that will give you a good guide when choosing. 

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Comparison on several important aspects

Why Medical Dent Dental Clinic in Sofia is the right choice?

Medical Dent Dental Clinic is the first specialized clinic for implantology not only in Sofia, but also in Bulgaria. We saw and understood the prospects for this segment of dentistry nearly two decades ago when we decided to operate our clinic with a focus on implantology.

Over the past years, in cooperation with many dental practices in the country, we have “exported” our expertise outside Sofia to provide quality treatment for patients in smaller towns. That’s why today we are proud to have a rich “portfolio” of patients whose smiles we have restored with the help of dental implantology. So we can state – perhaps immodestly, but quite honestly – that in the search for an implant dentist, Medical Dent clinic is not just a good choice. It is the only choice.

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