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Pediatric Orthodontics

If you know what the word “orthodontist” means, then you’ve probably encountered one of the most common cases in dentistry – misaligned teeth. And Medical Dent is where we successfully resolve these cases.

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Children's orthodontics

Early appointment of the young child with the orthodontist is a must to catch in time all potential deformities of the teeth, jaw and bite. Unfortunately in adolescents they are common. Fortunately – we can prevent them.

To this end, however, the timely intervention of the pediatric orthodontist is key. The first examination at him should still be around the age of five, when approximately the milk teeth begin to fall out. The pediatric orthodontist will take radiographs to determine if there is a risk of misalignment, malposition of the permanent teeth, deformities, bite damage or jaw problems. And based on this prognosis will recommend the right methods of treatment.

The earlier the better! An incorrect bite certainly brings aesthetic concerns to patients and this is reason enough to make an effort to correct it. Of course, it is also possible to make it in adulthood. But it is certainly more difficult, more time consuming and more expensive for the patient.

Apart from the aesthetic, there are also purely medical reasons not to wait – left untreated, orthodontic problems can lead to complications of a different nature in the already grown patient – tooth attrition, periodontal care, additional deformities.

What is the treatment?

The best way to re-align and straighten teeth, as well as correct the bite, is through the placement of orthodontic appliances. And the most effective and recommended in this regard are braces and braces, as well as dental aligners.

They are all made from high quality materials that do not cause irritations or allergic reactions. They can be fixed or removable, depending on the discretion of the dentist and your choice.

However, in the most mainstream case, pediatric orthodontics recommends that the youngest wear the well-known braces. These are removable appliances that put pressure on the jaw in the right direction. Over a period of time within a new visit, the pediatric orthodontist will fix them in a new position relative to the progress of treatment to continue the pressure until the desired final result is achieved.

We must admit that children do not always welcome the need to wear splints. Therefore, it is important to choose the children’s orthodontist who with patience and care will explain to the little patient that in this way he is doing something important and useful for himself and his beautiful smile.

Is this what pediatric orthodontics is like at Medical Dent?

All of us at Medical Dent Dental Clinic believe that prevention is more important than cure. And the best prevention starts in childhood.

That’s why we have a team of brilliant pediatric orthodontics professionals who have extensive experience working with children. They are trained to communicate with children effectively and to reassure them during procedures. Proof of this are the hundreds, even thousands of little patients who today are grown adults with impeccably groomed smiles at Medical Dent Dental Clinic.

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