What do we know about Smile Design?

Smile Design

In recent years, aesthetic dentistry has reached new heights unthinkable two or three decades ago. And one of them is the final elimination of the question, “What if I don’t like myself after treatment?”

Thanks to new technologies, this question no longer stands. Because you’ll know you like yourself from the start – thanks to Smile Design.

What do we know?

Draft adjustments before the start of treatment

Smile design is an innovative digital method in dentistry that allows you to see, choose and approve the model of your new smile before any adjustments are made.

This is a complex approach that plans the perfect smile in advance and most often involves pre-visualizations at:

Teeth whitening

A smile that is too white or not white enough after the whitening procedure can lead to disappointment for both the patient and the dentist. Achieving the desired shade is easier with Smile design. After the preparation of the digital model, the patient has the opportunity to see exactly what his smile will look like after the manipulation and thus determine the desired tooth color in advance and correctly.


This is also an innovative procedure that has gained high momentum in recent years. Through it, the specialist in aesthetic dentistry has the opportunity to build and repair various imperfections in the teeth – chipping, filing, correcting spacing, irregularities on the surface. This procedure is suitable for correcting single teeth and is a good alternative to veneers.

And with the help of Smile Design, you’ll be able to see exactly what your teeth will look like afterwards. Together we will make any adjustments you wish. And only then we will proceed to the exact reproduction of the pattern on your smile.

Porcelain veneers

These subtle, exquisite and natural ceramic ornaments are the most long-lasting solution for both achieving the perfect smile to your taste and maintaining its whiteness and shine. With Smile design, you’ll see exactly how your teeth will look after the procedure and choose the best shape, size and shade.

Dental implants and bridges

Dental implants are the best solution for restoring missing teeth or for the complete construction of tooth rows in patients with permanent tooth decay. Medical Dent Dental Clinic offers all patients some of the best implant specialists and skilled prosthetic restorations artisans for the final beautiful finish to your smile. And thanks to Smile Design, you’ll be able to see and approve the end result of their work before it’s even begun. 

Restoration of the gums

One of the unpleasant consequences for patients with untreated periodontitis is the melting of the gum bone. Fortunately, modern dentistry has a solution for them and is able to restore the gum, which – as we know – is an absolutely integral part of a beautiful smile. And Smile Design leaves no room for error in the aesthetic and functional performance of this important procedure.

Why is Smile design important for the patient?

A beautiful smile and well-groomed teeth are extremely important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a functional one. Very often, however, patients do not dare to proceed to more serious treatments because they are not confident in the final outcome. Smile Design completely eliminates the risk of not liking your new smile. It will be exactly the one you saw and chose.

Treatment process

Creating a Smile Design at Medical Dent Dental Clinic!

Treatment process, requirements and questions from our patients! Be confident and relaxed during your treatment with us!

Preparation of the Treatment

How is Smile Design made?

You do not need any prior preparation for this procedure. It is done in the office and is completely painless. It consists in scanning the oral cavity, which helps us to prepare its complete digital copy. On the basis of this copy, we can make the project of your future smile in advance, as well as plan all the steps and stages of the upcoming treatment – so that you can be timely oriented in its final cost. That way you will know what you will look like at the end of the upcoming reconstruction and you will look forward to that moment.

And we will have the peace of mind that we will execute this reconstruction to the millimetre.

Medical dent Dental Clinic was among the first in the country to introduce Smile Design into their daily work. Because we insist on innovation. But more than that, we want patients to know that they can count on us for high-quality, high-tech and predictable treatment.

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