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Veneers are the jewel in the crown of aesthetic restorations. They are proven to be one of the most effective, beautiful and at the same time natural looking means of correcting imperfections in the smile in dentistry. And their great advantage lies not only in their grace, but above all in their sustainability.

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Inserting veneers?

It’s a fast, safe and proven way to achieve the smile you’ve been dreaming of. Whiter, shinier, with larger or finer teeth, flat, smooth – the choice is yours. Best of all, modern digital technology makes it possible to see your chosen veneers in advance and make adjustments to them until you finally approve them. Then – again thanks to modern laboratory methods – we will fulfil your wish to the last millimetre.

What are they?

These are extremely thin and fine ceramic or zirconia plates that are made in a dental laboratory from porcelain or composite specifically for your smile. They are bonded to the surface of the teeth and thus correct them until the desired colour, shape and overall appearance are achieved.

When are they recommended?

It should be clear that this is not a medical procedure, but an aesthetic one. It comes into play when cosmetic imperfections in the shape, texture or color of the teeth require correction.

However, it is important to warn from the outset that veneers cannot cure tooth decay, periodontal or orthodontic disease. For these cases we can offer other, equally effective and successful solutions.

What are the steps?

Steps of the procedure?

Veneer placement is not a complicated or invasive procedure, but it is important to have an experienced professional guide you through it. Here are the steps you will go through together:

Initial review

Вur dentist will perform an initial examination, consultation and evaluation of your smile to determine if veneers are the right solution for you and if you need any pre-treatment before they are placed.

Create a project

Thanks to the innovative Smile Design technology, we can create a preliminary design of your future smile. For this purpose, we will scan your oral cavity, and use the resulting images to visualize a model of your teeth after the procedure is complete. This way you can see in advance how you will look and approve the final look. And we guarantee that we will execute it to the last detail.

Professional cleaning

Before the start of the procedure, a careful and precise cleaning of the teeth is carried out. The goal is to remove any surface stains that are present at this time.

Determination of colour

The colour of the veneers is determined according to a well-established system, in which the patient’s wishes are central. The aim is to find the golden mean so that they fit as naturally as possible on the teeth and at the same time achieve the desired shade.

Enamel modification

For the placement of the facets, it is necessary to create the appropriate foundation. This is achieved by minimal filing on the surface of the teeth to be worked on. These modifications are quite tiny and do not damage the tooth structure – their depth does not exceed 0.3 mm.

Temporary veneers

After the procedure is complete, you will be fitted with temporary veneers that will be an exact copy of your permanent veneers. On the one hand, this is necessary to wait for the new ones to be made. And on the other hand – you will have the opportunity during this test period to make sure if this is exactly the smile you dream of and if necessary to request adjustments.

Placement of permanent veneers

The final procedure is mild and completely harmless. A special adhesive material is applied to the surface of the prepared teeth on which the prepared veneers are positioned. Curing with special equipment and light polishing follows. With this, the smile is complete, healthy and beautiful.

At Medical Dent Dental Clinic, we develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient. This way you will know in advance and from the beginning what procedures you will have, how long they will take and what their prices are. We keep this in mind so patients can plan their time and options throughout the course of any treatment. Visit us for a consultation! In the meantime, if you like, you can check out the answers to the most common questions we get from our patients:

We answered your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In recent years, veneers have gained immense popularity as a method of correcting imperfections in the teeth.

Are veneers safe?

Completely. It is no coincidence that they are the most recommended solution by cosmetic dentistry specialists worldwide for the removal of dental imperfections, which does not damage the tooth or its associated tissues and nerves in any way.

Porcelain, zirconium or composite?

Each of the two types has its advantages and disadvantages. Zirconium veneers are of the highest class, extremely durable and therefore more expensive. However, porcelain ones are also not inferior to them in terms of strength and aesthetics. Both types have a completely natural appearance and are not colored by the consumption of risky foods and drinks.

Composite or photopolymer veneers are not as solid, but patients often prefer them because of their more affordable cost. And in case of any damage, they could be repaired quickly and easily. The best advice on choosing the right type will come from your dentist, and the final decision is in your hands.

Can a veneer be placed on just one tooth?

Of course. In this case, it is most often a question of a front tooth, which for some reason has suffered or differs from the others. We guarantee that after the procedure your smile will look completely harmonious.

How long do veneers last?

High-quality zirconia and porcelain veneers retain their excellent condition for a period of 10-15 years and more. Of course, the necessary care must be taken for them, among which the observance of excellent oral hygiene is absolutely mandatory, as well as regular control examinations at the dentist.

At the Medical Dent dental clinic, we give a 10-year guarantee on the veneers placed with us. It has two important conditions: Regular preventive examinations and professional cleaning + polishing of the teeth twice a year.

Can a veneer break?

It can. But no more and no less than any other natural tooth of yours. With strong pressure, consumption of very solid food or trauma, it is possible for this to happen. But don’t worry. We will replace it quickly and qualitatively.

What kind of care is given to veneers?

All the care that is necessary for your everyday excellent oral hygiene – brush your teeth regularly with a brush and paste at least twice a day, clean the interdental spaces with floss or an interdental brush, use mouthwash and do not miss your preventive examinations. This is enough to keep your beautiful new smile healthy and shiny for a long time.

What is the price for the facets?

Why trust Medical Dent?

The veneers procedure is not complicated if it is performed by a skilled and experienced professional who has the right and reliable modern technique behind him. At Medical Dent Dental Clinic we meet both conditions. Aesthetic dentistry is elevated to a pedestal here because we know how important a beautiful smile is to each of our patients. We are also continuously investing in the latest generation equipment – including our own laboratory.

But the best proof of successful smile beautification procedures are… the smiles of our thousands of satisfied patients – not only from Sofia, where our dental clinic is located. But from all over Bulgaria, and beyond the borders of the country.

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