What do we know about oral surgery?

Oral surgery

Oral surgery is the heavy artillery of dentistry. It is a segment of maxillofacial and deals with surgical resolution of the more serious cases. However, we are quick to reassure patients that this sounds much more frightening than it actually is. Modern methods and technologies of dentistry combined with the skill of the dentist make oral surgery a reliable, affordable and effective solution for healthy and beautiful smiles without pain.

Reasons for intervention

In what cases is oral surgery required?

The most common cases in which an oral surgeon is required to intervene in the oral cavity are:

Reasons for intervention

When teeth extraction is necessary

Increasingly rare, thanks to the many treatment options that dentistry provides these days. Not so long ago was the time when the first and often the only response of the dentist to a tooth pain was… its extraction. Today this is not the case. But there are still cases in which a really sick tooth cannot and should not be saved. Here’s who they are:

Tooth extraction without pain?

When it comes to tooth extraction, the first association most patients have is pain. However, the development of oral surgery has advanced to the point where procedures are completely painless and any mild discomfort in the recovery period afterwards is completely manageable with pain medication.

How does the procedure work?

Depending on the specifics and complexity of the case, the oral surgeon will conduct individual treatment. However, in all its variants, a method of pain relief is provided. Prior to the extraction, you will be given a local anesthetic that completely removes sensitivity for the desired period of time.

The tooth extraction procedure follows, which the oral surgeon conducts according to the specific damage. In this sense, the duration of the operation may vary. At Medical Dent Dental Clinic, however, we prepare an individual treatment plan for each patient in advance, from the first step to the last. So at any moment you will be aware of what procedure you are about to undergo.

In a normal extraction (and in our case extractions always proceed normally), the recovery process proceeds with little or no pain. The dental alveolus fills with blood, which becomes a kind of protective barrier, and subsequently into connective and bone tissue.

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Why trust Medical Dent Dental Clinic

We know that the loss of a healthy tooth is too high a cost for any patient. That’s why our doctors will do their best to save even those you yourself have come to love. But if it is still unavoidable – the right place for a tooth extraction in Sofia (and why not in Bulgaria) – is the Medical Dent dental clinic, where we offer patients not only impeccable professionalism, but also reasonable prices for top quality treatment. 

Extraction is not a simple job, especially in the more complex cases, and compromising with the specialist who will perform it carries a number of risks. The procedure requires good judgment, precision, caution, experience and determination. At Medical Dent, we have a wealth of expertise and an even richer track record to prove it all. It is no coincidence that the clinic operates with a strong focus on oral surgery and ‘exports’ experience, knowledge, expertise and specialists to a number of dental practices across the country. 

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