18 years we provide the highest quality dental treatment!

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We at MEDICAL DENT do not believe in specialists in everything

We believe that each tooth is a complex organism and its different problems require different specialists.

Therefore, each doctor is highly specialized in the treatment he performs and this enables him to achieve a high level of professionalism in his field. Having a variety of specialists in one place guarantees you the convenience of getting advice for your specific problem and saves you a lot of time.

Medical Dent

Medical Dent

Primary examination and individual treatment plan

Primary examination

Each patient at MEDICAL DENT undergoes a detailed initial examination, which includes the latest and
innovative methods in modern

Individual plan

Each patient receives a personalized plan, which takes into account their wishes, medical needs and the best professional treatment.

Preliminary draft

Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan, including detailed information not only about the precision of each procedure, but also about the possible convenient payment methods.
Medical Dent

High professional standard!

We at MEDICAL DENT believe that quality must be proven, which is why we provide a 50-year warranty on implants, 10 years on veneers and 3 years on photopolymer restorations.



In order to guarantee a high standard of treatment, we have the latest technology in the field of dentistry.


High medical standard

At MEDICAL DENT we have standards for performing all medical manipulations that guarantee a high level of safety and quality of treatment.


Hygiene and sterilisation

We are uncompromising in the quality of instrument sterilization. Therefore, we have a sterilization room that meets the highest modern requirements.

Medical Dent

We offer service at the highest level!

Individual schedule

We schedule your visits according to your personal free time.

SMS and email reminders

On the day of the scheduled visit, we will remind you by SMS of the upcoming appointment. We also make sure to remind you by email about your annual check-ups to preserve the results of your treatment.

Car care

We’ll take care of texting your car while you’re in the chair so that nothing disrupts your comfort during the manipulation.

Medical Dent

Care beyond dentistry


Training and motivation

We have developed specialized training for children and adults in how to maintain proper dental hygiene.


Smoking cessation

At MEDICAL DENT we have a practice of working closely with smoking cessation centres. Ask our front office staff for more information.


Fear of dental treatment

For young and old patients with a strong fear of treatment, we offer a system for overcoming fear, part of which is treatment under full anaesthesia.

We are Medical Dent Dental Clinic!

Treatment process, requirements and questions from our patients! Be confident and relaxed during your treatment with us!

Medical Dent

What and how we do it at Medical Dent

Since the dawn of civilization, people have lived together, created societies and built families. They need each other. Now we know what is really important – trust, caring, willingness to help. Not because we are professionals, but first and foremost – because we are human.

We give a 10 year guarantee on all dental services and can make you a crown in just two hours!

More importantly, we make things beautiful, and we do them with passion.

MEDICAL DENT – What’s important to you!

Medical Dent

Development and creation of Medical Dent

The beginning

Dr. Branimir Kirilov founded the clinic, which initially consisted of two offices


The direction

The first dental implants are placed in Bulgaria. Piezosurgery is introduced - proof of the clinic's vision in support of minimally invasive dentistry

The development

The clinic is expanding and purchasing the most modern technological equipment. Services and treatments from all areas of dentistry are now offered under its roof. With this, Medical Dent becomes one of the largest dental centers in Bulgaria.


The standard

Medical Dent is certified according to the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2001

The breakthrough

Implantology is gaining momentum, more and more patients are finding in Medical Dent a permanent and effective solution to the problem of "missing teeth"


The growth

Medical Dent is expanding once again with three new offices, an aesthetic center, a laboratory. Another one is added to the wide range of services - the PILLAR procedure for operative correction of snoring.

The innovation

After a revolutionary reorganization of work, Medical Dent became the first Western-style dental clinic in our country, which offers highly specialized offices and a complex model of treatment


The recognition

Medical Dent welcomes its 5000th patient


Medical Dent introduces fully digital planning in dentistry and invests in the latest generation of equipment and new technologies.


The bottom line

Medical Dent is a leader in the dental sector with a highly qualified team of world-class doctors and an innovative work process developed on the basis of the most modern achievements in science, technology and management. In addition, the clinic is making health and safety a top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. The specially developed package of anti-infection measures gives patients the assurance that they are safe at Medical Dent.

The pride

Medical Dent is proud of its more than 16,000 successfully treated patients. And thank them for their trust!


The progress

Medical Dent becomes the first certified clinic in Bulgaria for the safe removal of amalgam. For the first time in Bulgaria, a revolutionary method for creating bone from one's own tooth was implemented.

The change

The clinic has been completely renovated, with a new interior and equipment meeting all world standards for the highest quality. The digital floor has been technologically upgraded.

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