What do we know about silants?

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Dental fillings are an innovative and extremely reliable way to protect children’s teeth from decay. They are a kind of sealant in the natural shade of the teeth, which forms a kind of membrane against bacteria. At Medical Dent Dental Clinic we recommend them with both hands as the best caries prevention for our young patients.

What do we know about silants?

Caries of children’s teeth occurs much more often than in adults. And this has its logical explanation. The smaller reason is that the little ones do not have enough patience for precise and regular cleaning – especially in hard-to-reach areas. And the bigger one – that their teeth are actually more vulnerable to bacteria. Why?

Because when the tooth sprouts, its enamel mineralization is incomplete in depth. It is the non-mineralized areas that are most at risk for plaque buildup. This most often refers to the chewing teeth – molars. That is why the most common case of tooth decay in childhood affects them. Dental fillings provide protection to these vulnerable areas of the teeth and thus protect them from the development of caries and pulpitis.

What is the procedure?

Placing fillings is one of the easiest and most painless procedures ever. Initially, the silane is a liquid substance that is applied to the occlusal (chewing) surface of the teeth. It is then cured using a photopolymer lamp. Everything is over in a few minutes and does not traumatize the little patient in any way. Our experience even shows that children often show a sincere and deep “scientific” interest in the procedure, and feel proud of themselves after it is finished.

Most often, silants are recommended for children between the ages of 6 and 14. The procedure is mainly performed on already erupted permanent teeth, but in some cases it is also suitable for the prevention of milk teeth. At the discretion of the dentist, fillings may also be recommended for adult patients who, for various reasons, have a higher tendency to caries.

Are silants expensive?

“Sealing” children’s teeth with fillings is done once and provides their protection. The procedure is not expensive, and at Medical Dent we have made sure that it is within the means of every family. In any case, its cost is much lower than that for the caries treatments that would inevitably occur without this useful prevention.

Are the silants 100% protective?

Yeah. But as an effective complement to them to support the mineralization process and even more effective protection can be used fluoride-rich children’s mouthwash. This is the substance that plays a key role in the prevention of enamel problems.

Why trust Medical Dent?

Medical Dent Dental Clinic has a specialized pediatric department, a team of pediatric dentists and a special protocol for working with children, which necessarily includes patience, care and… play. In short – in Medical Dent children feel good. There is a special corner for them where they can have fun with their peers until it’s time to sit in the chair. We conduct the treatments in such a way as to arouse their curiosity and make them perceive the procedures as an interesting and fun game. Or as an important mission, after which they feel heroic.

Pediatric dentistry at Medical Dent is quality without compromise, but at the same time reasonably priced. The focus on children and their dental health is part of the Medical Dent story. It starts way back in the years when our loyal patients became parents and started bringing their children to us. So we naturally became a kind of family clinic, which we are really proud of! This is a trust that means a great responsibility for us. We keep justifying it every day.

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