What is granuloma and how is it treated?

Treatment for granuloma

Some dental diseases occur and progress asymptomatically. Granuloma is one of them. Although it attacks quietly and insidiously, it is completely familiar and completely surmountable for prepared specialists. It is only important to react in time and – of course – adequately.

What do we know?

What is granuloma?

A granuloma is a growth that occurs due to chronic inflammation or infection in the oral cavity. It develops around the root of the tooth and penetrates through the root canal. To protect it, the body begins to accumulate scar tissue at the site – this is what a granuloma is.

When does it happen?

Why does it appear?

The underlying factors for granuloma formation are not particularly different from those in many other dental diseases. It can be untreated pulpitis, improperly conducted treatment of a sick tooth, insufficient precise cleaning and disinfection during root canal treatment, trauma. Therefore, we take this opportunity to again urge all patients to seek regular oral care and prophylaxis from qualified professionals.

How to know that we have granuloma?

What are the symptoms of granuloma?

Granuloma can “live” asymptomatically for a long time, so its detection is often accidental – by X-ray on another occasion.
But if this does not happen, with the exacerbation of inflammation, patients begin to feel strong, sharp and constant pain, which is often not responded to by painkillers. It is a clear sign that you need to visit the dentist without delay.
In more advanced and complicated cases, there may be an increase in body temperature and swelling of the lymph nodes, as well as healing between the tooth and gum.
In all these cases, it is necessary to turn to a qualified specialist who will apply the correct treatment and identify the causative agent of the inflammation in order to prevent any possibility of its recurrence and subsequent complications – such as the spread of infection or the formation of cysts.

How to make the right choice?

What is the treatment?

First of all, you will have an X-ray taken which will clearly show the problem tooth and the location of the granuloma. It is possible that at this preliminary stage the dentist will also order further tests to assess how advanced the infection is.

If the granuloma is the result of an infection, the doctor may prescribe taking an antibiotic to calm the inflammation before topical treatment.

Based on the information gathered from the examination and tests, the dentist will decide which of the three possible approaches to take – conservative, conservative-surgical or surgical:

The dentist will give you instructions for follow-up care and hygiene. Regular preventive examinations will be a mandatory part of them, especially in the period after the treatment. Another useful tip is to change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. For a longer period of time, it becomes an incubator of microorganisms and increases the chance of a new infection.

What specialist do I need?

The treatment of granuloma is carried out by specialists in endodontics. The name comes from the Greek translation of the term – literally it means “inside the tooth”.

The development of endodontics in recent years has given endodontists the opportunity to work with extremely precise equipment for professional root canal treatment under a microscope. Their achievements have been remarkable and they have been able to manage even the severe cases in the treatment of granulomas.

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Why choose endodontic treatment at Medical Dent?

Neglecting or improperly treating granulomas can have too high a cost to the patient. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that it falls into the hands of an experienced specialist who is prepared for all the steps and possible developments of the disease.

Endodontic treatment is the trademark of Medical Dept Dental Clinic because it is the key to our mission to save every tooth that can be saved. For this purpose, your treatment will be handled by world-class doctors who are fully and thoroughly profiled in the endodontic specialty, do not stop evolving for a moment and constantly follow new concepts and successful practices in the field. The other indispensable condition for successful, effective and painless treatment is impeccable, precise and modern diagnostic and treatment equipment. At Medical Dent we have the best!

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