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Treatment of gingivitis

Gingivitis is an infectious disease of the gums, which in dental parlance are called gingiva. The condition is well known and modern dentistry deals with it extremely effectively. However, there are a few important conditions – to see a specialist in the field and not to postpone the visit at the first symptoms.

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What is gingivitis?

Basically, it is an inflammation of the gums, which begin to bleed – spontaneously, with mild or serious pressure. The infection is the result of the build-up of bacterial plaque on the teeth. The most vulnerable spaces for this are those that are difficult to clean – around the molars and mainly the wisdom teeth, at the base of the teeth, in the interdental spaces, around crowns and bridges. Gingivitis is most common in adults. Vulnerable groups are people with diabetes and pregnant women. Less often, and children.

Why does it appear?

As a result of bacterial attack. However, it is not sudden, but quiet and subtle. The reasons for it are prosaic, but should not be underestimated. First among them is

Inadequate or improper oral hygiene

Insufficient regular or improper oral hygiene leads to bacterial retention. Most often they accumulate in the form of plaque in the spaces between the teeth and gums.
The solution is simple but effective. Oral hygiene should be neat. Personal care at home includes regular brushing and flossing at least twice a day. However, a professional cleaning is also necessary, in which the dentist performs a deep cleaning of the vulnerable areas using ultrasound and other modern technical means, which are extremely effective in fighting bacteria and gingivitis.

The frequency of visits for professional cleanings will be determined by your condition and individual propensity for retention and bacterial plaque formation.
It often also depends on some harmful habits in everyday life. One of them is smoking. Excessive consumption of sugar and acidic foods also negatively affects the gums.
Another factor that can accelerate or worsen gingivitis is general health – for example, a weakened immune system, diabetes, certain hematological diseases.
An incorrect bite can also create a risky environment for the development of an inflammatory process in the gums.

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Consequences and problems

Why is it important to take quick action?

The earlier you turn to a specialist, the better the prognosis for successful and lasting control of inflammation. Conversely, delay (or lack of action) makes treatment more challenging. Gingivitis is a precursor to the more serious disease periodontitis, in which the gums begin to recede under the influence of bacteria and the jawbone weakens. In the advanced stages of the disease, tooth decay and loss of some teeth can occur.

Therefore, if you find that your gums are bleeding, painful, red or swollen, this is an almost certain symptom of gingivitis that requires a quick visit to a specialist.

How to prevent the problem?

Is gingivitis curable?

Yeah, totally. Modern dentistry has extremely precise and effective technologies, which in combination with the skills and competence of the doctor guarantee successful treatment.

The specialist will get to know your condition through a thorough examination and prescribe deep professional cleaning procedures to soothe the infection and help the gums “come home”.

The number, periodicity and depth of these cleanings is determined for each individual case depending on the progress of the disease. You may also be prescribed an anti-inflammatory medicine to speed up the passage of the infection.

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