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Dental Prostheses

We wouldn’t want you to read this article. Because in the first place, your interest in it would mean that you have lost one, a few or all of your teeth. And this is always an unpleasant and traumatic event. And second, because modern dentistry now offers much better alternatives to dentures, which we will tell you about below.

However, for the time being, dentures remain one of the popular ways to restore partially or fully dentate jaws. That’s why at Medical Dent, you can count on a professional, high-quality and effective prosthetic solution to restore your comfort and smile.

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When do dentures need to be fitted?

Generally speaking – when the patient has lost one, several or all of his teeth. Most often this happens to older patients, but not necessarily.

In any case, before the prosthetic construction is made, it is necessary to make a detailed examination in order to assess what type of prosthesis would be most suitable for your case. Unlike the days of a few decades ago, today dentistry has evolved in this direction as well to offer patients a variety of modern and workable solutions to restore smile and function.

After the examination, during which we will draw up your treatment plan, we proceed to prepare the jaw for the prosthetic construction. This includes both routine activities such as professional cleaning and – if necessary – treatment of the teeth that will remain in the mouth, as well as their processing – filing to become the basis of the future denture.

With digital scanning, we will take a precise impression of the jaws to then fabricate the dentures with the utmost precision. It is then that we will discuss together and offer you the best option for your case.

What types of dentures are there:

Depending on the case, they may be whole or partial. Most of them are removable, but we hasten to reassure you – don’t imagine “dick” in a glass of water by the bed. Thanks to developments in technology and materials, modern prosthetics offer practical, hygienic and aesthetic ways of storage and maintenance.

Alongside this, there are now alternatives for non-removable dentures that effectively behave like your permanent teeth.

So, the types:

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Also known as plaques, they can be whole or partial. These are the most budget-friendly and hence the most common dentures that have a relatively aesthetic appearance and are easy to maintain. The plastic crowns are built on a hard acrylic base in the colour of the gum, which in turn is fixed by vacuum onto the gum. Full acrylic dentures are made for the entire jaw, and partial dentures are attached with wire clips to the adjacent healthy teeth.


They are considered to be of the highest quality – because of their comfort and aesthetics. They are made of plastic material and their connection with the rest of the teeth is cast together with the denture – so they remain completely inconspicuous. Due to the elastic material from which they are made, they are extremely resistant. An added plus is that the material from which they are made does not cause allergies.


Most often, they are a temporary solution for the loss of one, two or three teeth. The reason patients prefer them is the elastic ties that secure them to the adjacent healthy teeth. This eliminates the need for filing for bridge placement. However, the microprosthesis cannot stay forever. It must be replaced by a permanent one, or by a dental implant.


They remotely resemble bridges because they clamp onto the nearest healthy adjacent teeth. This type of denture is recommended for tooth loss on one entire side and is a kind of rail that runs through the space of the missing teeth. Hence the name – the rail serves as a joint for fixing the denture and is a kind of splint that holds the natural teeth.


Also partial dentures on a metal or other hard base, to which patients adapt quickly. They are attached to the upper jaw by a fine plate instead of a palate. And for the lower one – by means of an extremely thin ligament that passes under the teeth and tongue.

Everyday life with dentures

Pros of dentures:

The absence of teeth

One or more – affects your lifestyle, your comfort in everyday life, your self-esteem, your health. The inability to properly process food usually leads patients to exclude certain products from their menu, and this disrupts the balanced intake of important substances for the body.

Needless to explain what discomfort patients with missing teeth experience when they smile. Apart from this, tooth loss leads to a change in the contour of the face and it looks more saggy and tired.

Denture fitting can be an effective enough solution for you to all these social, aesthetic and functional inconveniences. However, it is important that it is performed under the guidance of an experienced professional.

Everyday life with dentures

Cons of dentures:

Although it has already reached extremely high and luxurious levels of workmanship, traditional prosthetics for tooth loss still has its negatives.

First of all, most dentures are not always stable enough. This is capable of becoming a permanent source of discomfort and inconvenience for the patient – especially when eating and socialising.

Articulation changes. Although they are made with extreme precision, some prosthetic designs may distort the correct pronunciation of certain sounds.

Bone fusion. Dentures largely restore the aesthetic appearance of the smile. However, the lack of natural teeth underneath gradually leads to a reduction of the bone in the jaw, and this from a certain point on is also reflected in the facial oval, which changes.

Potential allergic reactions. Some of the materials from which the mass-produced dentures are made contain allergens.

Reduced taste sensations. Dentures cannot fully replace natural receptors, and as a result you may not be able to fully taste the foods you eat.

What do we need to know about them?

Alternatives to dentures

Because of all these disadvantages and despite their many advantages, dentistry is moving towards finding alternatives. And it succeeded! Over the past decade, dental implants have become one of the most effective, proven and workable solutions for missing teeth. A solution that eliminates all of the risks listed in the section above.

Most importantly of all, implant placement prevents bone fusion. Because it plays the role of the root, which is missing in the denture and thus keeps your face fresh. In fact, the implant most convincingly of all plays the role of the natural tooth you have lost. Implant treatment does not require the removal of adjacent healthy teeth on which the dentures are fixed.

The implants are static and stable – nothing in your mouth moves and does not interfere with eating, speech or smiling. Because of all this, at Medical Dent Dental Clinic we recommend our patients to treat their missing teeth with dental implants.

What do we need to know about them?

What is the treatment?

Implant treatment is the most effective treatment possible for the loss of one, several or all teeth. Placing dental implants in the right places, which the implantologist has previously assessed, creates the possibility of making a permanent prosthesis on them.

The implants themselves are screwed into the jaw through surgical intervention and after a short recovery period are integrated into the bone as part of its structure.

The options for prosthetics on them are varied and depend on the condition of the individual patient. For the oldest patients with completely toothless jaws at Medical Dent Dental Clinic, we have a special program through which they can get dentures on two implants on each jaw at reasonable prices.

We are also proud of our most popular product – the so-called. “Teeth in a Day”, which is based on the world-famous TeethXpress concept. With it we restore missing teeth hres the placement of four to six dental implants, on which a permanent bridge is aesthetically and precisely made especially for the patient.

The concept was developed in 1984 and has increasingly replaced dentures in the preferences of both patients and dentists. The main reason for this is the comfort it creates. A smile restored with TeethXpress behaves, feels and looks just like a natural smile.

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Why choose Medical Dent?

At Medical Dent Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on having the best specialists in every area of dentistry. That’s why you can find the solution for restoring missing teeth with us, no matter if you opt for dentures or dental implants. In both cases, you will be met and treated by impeccable specialists, and the prosthetic structures will be made in our high-tech specialized laboratory. 

However, we want to be honest and say upfront – for us, implant restoration is currently the number one solution for our patients. It is no coincidence that Medical Dent is the first specialized clinic for implantology in Bulgaria. We saw and understood the prospects for this segment of dentistry nearly two decades ago when we decided to operate our clinic with a focus on implantology. We have tested and proven in practice for many years – this is the best, functional and aesthetic solution for your smile. If you decide to seek it out with us, you should know – when it comes to quality implant dentistry, Medical Dent Dental Clinic is not just a good choice. It is the best choice. 

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