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Children's anaesthesia

We have a rule. When a treatment can be done without additional drugs, we do not administer them. This rule applies with particular force to our most fragile patients – children.

Children's anaesthesia

We have a rule. When a treatment can be done without additional drugs, we do not administer them. This rule applies with particular force to our most fragile patients – children. It is therefore important to know that we would only resort to such medication aids as a last resort. However, extreme cases do exist, and Medical Dent Dental Clinic is prepared for them. There are also young patients with special needs, with a pronounced fear of the dentist, or with a need for more specific treatment. For all of these situations, we provide peace of mind for both the child and the parents thanks to pediatric anesthesia.

Sometimes the placement of a local anaesthetic is really key to the successful outcome of a child’s treatment. When a young patient is assured that it won’t hurt, and that promise is kept, we reduce the chances of developing a lifelong fear of the dentist. Or completely eliminate that fear if it is already present. When there is a need for anaesthesia in children, we use proven and proven harmless drugs that do not cause side effects and have one hundred percent analgesic effectiveness.

What is it?

There are different methods of administering anesthesia to children. We choose the most appropriate one for each individual case, taking into account the child’s attitude, his/her state of health and the parents’ wishes.
When the condition requires the child to be under full anesthesia, the most effective means is inhalation anesthesia using a mask or probe. With it, the patient does not feel or remember anything during the procedure because he is under medical sleep. And this ensures the calm completion of the manipulation by the dentist and the absence of any trauma in the child after its completion.
In milder cases, we administer local anesthetics in the form of numbing gel, spray or injection of a preparation into the gum.
The dentist will choose the appropriate method depending on the type of procedure, age and individual needs of the child.

Features of children's anesthesia

Every child is different and has their own specific needs. The pediatric dentists who work at Medical Dent know this. And they approach with great patience and understanding to create confidence in young patients and reassure them before the procedure.

We do not leave things to chance, so we have developed special protocols for action if we do need to resort to paediatric anaesthesia. First of all, we will have a detailed discussion with you, the parents, in which you will tell us about the child’s health history and we will assess whether there is any risk of any kind. For your peace of mind, we may also suggest that you undergo certain medical tests. It is important to know that anaesthesia is only administered when absolutely necessary and after a comprehensive risk-benefit assessment.

What are the benefits?

Anesthesia treatment is a tool that allows children to get the dental treatment they need without fear or pain. And in the long run, this helps build positive habits and attitudes towards dental care at an early age.

How does it work?

The anaesthetic that is used blocks the sensation of pain and discomfort for a certain time, and this makes the process easier and more bearable for the child.

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Why trust Medical Dent?

There are many reasons to entrust us with your child’s treatment. Here are the more important ones:

  • Pediatric dentistry is an absolute priority for us. We know that the child who fears the dentist is the future adult who fears the dentist. And we have made it our goal not to let that happen.
  • Children’s anaesthesia treatments at Medical Dent are constantly monitored and supervised by highly qualified specialists who ensure that the procedure is carried out smoothly and safely.

  • At Medical Dent, children feel good. There is a special corner for them where they can have fun with their peers until it’s time to sit in the chair. And there – if they wish – they can watch a favourite children’s film.
  • Our experienced specialists approach the little ones with great patience and attention. They listen to their questions and give answers… in their language.

In short – at Medical Dent Dental Clinic we speak the same language with children!

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