Treatment under medical sleep

Dentistry has been developing rapidly in recent years and Medical Dent wants to be among the flag bearers of this positive development – not only in Bulgaria, but also on a global level. That’s why we strive to provide our patients with every opportunity for calm, comfortable and pain-free treatment.

One of these options is medical sleep therapy, which we have been practicing successfully for nearly two decades.


Clients treated with
medical sleep per year

What is it?

Above all, it is a highly workable approach that enables dentists to perform a combination of complex and time-consuming procedures in a single visit, without the patient feeling anything and without retaining traumatic memories of a painful experience.

Together with our experienced anesthesiologists, we have developed a very mild version of medical sleep work, which we apply successfully – in both adults and children. We treat about 300 patients a year in this way, and the total number of patients is already in the thousands.

Advantages and features

What are the advantages?

1. Elimination of strong fear

There are patients with an extremely pronounced fear of the dentist, which they fail to control. Apart from being extremely traumatic, this is also dangerous for their dental health, as fear makes them constantly postpone visits to the dental office. Treatment under medical sleep guarantees these patients peace of mind and a healthy smile.

2. Saving time

We live in dynamic times where everyone is in a hurry to get as much done as possible in a shorter time. We are mindful of our patients’ occupancy and are ready to meet it. When the patient is under medical sleep, we are able to perform several manipulations at once for which in consciousness he would lose patience and feel intense discomfort.

3. Treatment of patients with concomitant diseases

General anaesthesia enables us to safely and securely treat patients with more severe general health conditions and comorbidities – for example, diabetes and hypertension. The constant presence of an experienced anaesthetist-resuscitator throughout the treatment ensures that the service is safe and secure for the patient.

4. Calm children

Fear of the dentist can make visits to young patients a big challenge. Then medical sleep comes to the rescue, which under completely safe conditions is conducive to the effective performance of procedures. And as a bonus – it leaves no bad memory in the child’s mind, which can in the long run have a positive effect on their overall confidence in dentists and smile care.

In which people can it be used?

Is it safe?

The medical sleep treatment, which is applied in the Medical Dent dental clinic, does not pose any risk to the health of patients. We have accumulated a wealth of experience working under sedation, which has always been and continues to be successful. To this end, we have established working protocols that we strictly follow and that are aimed at minimising even the minor risks that could arise. Patient safety and treatments at Medical Dent are always priority #1.

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Treatment process

Treatment under medical sleep in Medical Dent Dental Clinic

Treatment process, requirements and questions from our patients! Be confident and relaxed during your treatment with us!

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No fear, no pain, no traumatic memories

We mentioned at the beginning of this piece that dental services are evolving at a breakneck pace. Equally rapidly, the health culture of patients is increasing and they are becoming more and more demanding in their health care.

At Medical Dent Dental Clinic, we take it as our duty to provide them with the ideal opportunities to do so – including through treatment without fear and traumatic memories.

One of these options is treatment under medical sleep. This is not a fairy tale in a future time, but a present and real comfort that you can find at Medical Dent Dental Clinic.

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