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We don’t believe in specialists in everything. That’s why the main principle of Medical Dent Dental Clinic is to have specialists… in everything. Our doctors are strictly and thoroughly profiled in different areas of dentistry. So that here you find the full range of services from the entire spectrum of dentistry under one roof.

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What We Know About Dentistry

What types of dental services we offer

You wouldn’t expect an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist to diagnose liver disease, would you? While starting from the same base of knowledge in general medicine, physicians devote their full attention, diligence, and skill to their chosen specific area when specializing.

It is the same with dentistry. An endodontic specialist, for example, will heal the root canals of your diseased tooth. But with the creation of a beautiful crown over it is better to take up the specialist in aesthetic restorations.

At the same time, however, we know very well that the body is an organism in which everything is connected and influences the other systems. That’s why we have chosen an approach where the entire team of specialists in the different divisions of dentistry is available and ready to respond to the patient depending on their specific needs.

Very often, the patients’ condition requires complex treatment involving several specialists. We are proud and happy that Medical Dent’s extensive portfolio of services allows us to meet all of these patients. And send them off with a new, healthy and beautiful smile!


Without a doubt, the jewel in Medical Dent’s crown is implantology. It has been proven by world dentistry and our practice – it is the most effective, reliable and natural way to restore missing teeth, which is many times superior to traditional dentures and bridges.

Since its establishment two decades ago, when dentistry in Bulgaria was still underdeveloped, Medical Dent chose as its special focus the development and promotion of implantology in Bulgaria. Today we have nearly 20 000 smiles restored to patients. And that – we think now – means at least one saved smile a day.

Естетична стоматология

Aesthetic dentistry services are among the most sought after because they are related to the appearance of the smile. And it is the most important and representative “accessory” for every man. In recent years, advances in dentistry and technology have literally launched aesthetic restorations into space with extraordinary innovations that allow for the creation of perfect smiles in a gentle and non-invasive manner. All of these options are available at Medical Dent:

  • Using Smile Design’s comprehensive digital planning method, we can plan your smile so that you can see and approve it before treatment begins.
  • Bonding is an advanced technology that allows us to correct any imperfection, distortion or chipping in the teeth using a high-quality composite material
  • In our state-of-the-art, technologically advanced laboratory, we craft fine, graceful, and durable veneers for our patients that make smiles perfect once and for all.
  • We work with the most modern, gentle and effective teeth whitening systems


Orthodontic treatment is the part of dentistry that plays a key role in the arrangement of teeth, their placement, properly distributed interdental spaces, corrections of malocclusion. Each of these imperfections poses not only an aesthetic but also a potential health challenge. We encourage our patients to seek a consultation with Medical Dent’s highly skilled orthodontic specialists as early as possible. Best – in childhood, if necessary. The variety of treatments – the placement of braces, braces or aligners, their adjustment, maintenance and follow-up examinations within the treatment, as well as our long-standing practice, guarantee successful and beautiful results.


A good dentist is known for doing everything in his power to save every tooth. And most of these saviors in dentistry are endodontists. Because they deal with the treatment of the roots, which are vital for the survival of the tooth.

With precision high-tech instruments and under a microscope, our endodontic specialists will reach the hardest-to-reach corners of the root system to rid it of infections and restore diseased teeth.


A part of dentistry that we have learned more and more about in recent years. To the extent that we can state – periodontitis is curable! This insidious disease of the gums until recently was considered invincible. Today, thanks to advances in science, practice and technology, we can offer patients adequate periodontitis treatment that will keep teeth in place, bone intact and smiles beautiful.

Орална хирургия

Sometimes it is inevitable – the tooth must be extracted. Oral surgery is that branch of dentistry that deals with all procedures and services for extraction of nerves, teeth, roots, and cysts. They are performed in an operative manner that requires the utmost precision and an excellent level of hygiene. This branch of dentistry is part of maxillofacial surgery and requires exceptional preparation on the part of the specialist, extensive expertise, years of daily experience and impeccable skills. These are exactly the qualities that appear in the professional biographies of the oral surgery specialists at Medical Dent!

Детска стоматология

At Medical dent, the little ones get the most attention. For them we have equipped a special colorful children’s corner for fun while they wait for their turn to sit on the chair. We explain the procedures and treatments in their language so that they take them as a challenge and a game. We approach their fears with care, tenderness and patience – until we eliminate them completely and build the children’s trust in the dentist.

Goal: Regular visits to the pediatric dentist for prevention, prophylaxis and timely treatment. They are a guarantee of flourishing dental health throughout childhood and throughout life.

Лечение под медицински сън

The patient’s peace of mind and comfort are just as important to a successful treatment outcome as the dentist’s preparation and the quality of the materials. In our desire to provide this peace of mind we have developed a very mild version of medical sleep work, which we have been applying successfully for years – both in adults and children.

This mild anesthesia is a perfect option for patients who have a strong and even panicky fear of visiting the dentist. It allows us to perform a combination of complex and time-consuming procedures in one visit, without the patient feeling anything and without retaining traumatic memories of a painful experience. Treatment under medical sleep is well known in dentistry. It does not pose any risk to patients’ health. We have accumulated a wealth of experience working under sedation, which has always been and continues to be successful. To this end, we have established working protocols that we strictly follow and that are aimed at minimising even the minor risks that could arise.


We have said it before and we will say it again – prevention is always preferable to cures. And the key to the best prevention is regular prevention. Driven by this belief, we offer our patients a wide range of services related to the maintenance of good oral hygiene and the treatments performed. With us, you will receive clear and specific instructions on how to continue this effective care at home.

And if you need help, we’re here for you again. We have established a dedicated dental center called Dental Care Center, focused entirely on preventive care and oral health. We won’t forget, and neither will you – most serious dental diseases are rooted precisely in the lack of timely enough and proper enough care. Together we can prevent this.

Why is Medical Dent the right choice for your teeth?

The combination of highly qualified and experienced specialists in all fields of dentistry under one roof has been leading Medical Dent Dental Clinic on the road to success for many years. Because this combination works to the patient’s benefit. It provides opportunities for quality and complex treatment, for quick response in case of need, for expediency in carrying out the procedures in the most convenient way for you. However, to make your treatment truly flawless and your experience at Medical Dent as easy, carefree and efficient as possible, we have put a few more combinations into place.

The combination of high-tech equipment, which leaves no room for error, with extremely comfortably furnished offices in a clinic in one of the most convenient locations in Sofia. The combination of being as considerate of your time as possible and communicating medical terminology in a clear and understandable way for the patient. The combination of impeccable service at reasonable prices. Simply put – we know your time is valuable. And the criteria – high. We have proven that we know how to meet both requirements.

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