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Dental plaque is an annoying, unaesthetic and unpleasant pest that unfortunately cannot be eliminated once and for all. That is why it is necessary to fight it as a mandatory and regular part of the care for our healthy and beautiful smile.

What is dental plaque?

We also call it bacterial plaque because it is just that – a build-up of bacteria on the teeth. It results from the “alliance” between the natural bacterial flora of the mouth with organic substances from the food intake. And the first and most faithful helper of this “union” is improper and irregular oral hygiene.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that our patients never underestimate the need for regular and precise cleaning of the teeth after meals. As well as not to miss visits to the dentist for professional cleanings. Because this “alliance” of care is the right one in the fight against dental plaque.

If it is not removed in time by cleaning, it “matures” and gradually turns into tartar. And it represents a bacterial bomb that is capable of blowing up the health of your gums and teeth.

The areas most vulnerable to plaque formation and retention are those that are difficult to clean. These are the ones you should pay the most attention to when brushing your teeth regularly.

How to prevent dental plaque?

Dental plaque can cause serious damage, but successfully fighting it comes down to one very simple solution – the key is consistency and precise oral hygiene care.

Не пропускайте миене на зъбите

At least twice a day, and preferably after every meal. Teeth cleaning should not only be regular, but also correct. Many patients report that they take daily care of their smile, but still fail to save themselves from dental disease. Often it turns out that the reasons for this are in the incorrect techniques they apply when cleaning. That’s why every patient at Medical Dent receives special instruction on how to properly care for their teeth at home.

Използвайте конец за зъби или интердентални четки

Don’t neglect the space between your teeth when cleaning, because that’s where a large amount of plaque collects. The best tool for cleaning these hard-to-reach areas is dental floss. If you find it difficult to use, you can replace it with interdental brushes. Check with your dentist which size would be most effective for you – it’s important that the interdental brush fibres have good enough contact with the tooth, but at the same time don’t hurt it. Using mouthwash also contributes to better oral hygiene and fighting bacteria.


Brushing your teeth at home with a toothbrush and toothpaste is very important, but not enough to tackle plaque. It is necessary to visit the dentist’s office for a professional cleaning every so often. This prophylaxis is the cornerstone of effective protection against harmful deposits. Clinical cleaning is most often done with ultrasound, which penetrates deep and eliminates plaque and bacterial biofilm from even the hardest to reach areas of the teeth.
For optimal results, we most often recommend that deep ultrasonic cleaning be combined with professional polishing. It is made by injecting warm water with a special powder under very high pressure, eliminates even the most insignificant biofilm residues on the teeth and builds protection against the rapid formation of new plaque.

Why trust Medical Dent?

The many years of clinical experience of the specialists at Medical Dent Dental Clinic have proven beyond doubt that it makes sense to actively invest in prevention and prophylaxis. In other words, we’d rather keep your smile healthy and beautiful than treat it.

That’s why we’ve focused our efforts on perfecting protocols for flawless cleaning and oral hygiene maintenance with the latest generation of modern equipment. We have developed special guidelines for patients to continue this effective care at home. We have even set up a specialised dental centre just for prevention and prophylaxis.

Medical Dent employs high-level professionals from all fields of dentistry who offer world-class treatments at reasonable prices. But our favorite treatment is… not having to treat. Good and regular preventive care is the guarantee for this. You’ll find this care at Medical Dent.

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Почистване на зъбен камък

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